The Private-Joy Edition Saturday, July 6, 2019

In A Brilliant Yet Simple Twist, The Apple Watch Solves Problems Handed To Us By Its Predecessors, by Calum Marsh, National Post

When I first started carrying a BlackBerry, in the late 2000s, it provided its own kind of liberation: Suddenly I no longer felt chained to my laptop, where I’d been checking my email on my web browser near-constantly. Smartphones made the concept of checking your email redundant, because push notifications, that brilliant idea, told you precisely when you had an email to check, obliterating the need to look at an empty inbox, hopeful for mail. The Apple Watch just takes that notion one step further. Now the notifications themselves are less obtrusive, demanding less of your attention, making it possible to deal with work, engage with a social network and remain available when needed, without reaching into your pocket and pouring over your phone every 30 seconds. It’s another win for private joy.

This Is The Apple Watch's Most Useful Feature By Far, by Dave Smith, Business Insider

I'll admit it: I lose my iPhone all the time. I don't lose it in public or anything serious like that, but it's constantly going missing around my apartment. Sometimes I leave it in my bedroom, sometimes it's in my den around my desk area, and most of the time it's lost inside a couch cushion in my living room. Before the Apple Watch, trying to find my perennially misplaced iPhone, especially when I was in a rush to head out the door, was a pain in the butt.

Thankfully, my Apple Watch never has a problem finding my phone.

The Best Travel Tech For A Stress-free Holiday, by Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian

But holidays no longer mean leaving all your worldly possessions behind. Your phone, your tablet, your e-reader, headphones and even your smartwatch come along for the ride, which means you need to keep them charged, organised and connected.

Here’s a gadget guide to help take the stress out of keeping your digital life up and running when travelling.