The Music-Production Edition Monday, August 26, 2019

I Tried To Become A Musician Using Apps And A Light-Up Piano, by Boone Ashworth, Wired

But the promise of the digital revolution was that we would be able to do everything faster, better, easier. If I can watch any movie anywhere I go or have the world’s dumbest pillow delivered to my house in mere hours, then I should be able to fast-track my creative whims as well. Thankfully, technology is here to help.

Digital technology has made music production relatively affordable and accessible. Programs like GarageBand on Mac and iOS platforms replicate a traditional recording studio. Apps like Yousician and devices like the ONE Smart Piano Light aim to facilitate foundational music learning through gamified lessons. But how much more effective are these techniques than face-to-face lessons from a human teacher?

Apple Card: What Vs How, by Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

For a sufficiently large number of Apple customers, the new payment system is a classic How vs What proposition — and the “How” wins. The Wallet app offers complete control over purchases, payments, rebates, timing, and security, all in one place. As for security, three different card numbers track purchases made with the physical card, with a card number on line, or with Apple Pay on your Watch or iPhone. No need to use a special third party app, such as the excellent Mint. Everything is built into the Wallet, itself built in every iPhone and iPad.


18-year-old With Autism Wins Fans Across The World With His App Aumi, by Newz Hook

This 18-year-old combines tech skills with a big heart. United Kingdom-based teenager Ethan Shallcross has autism and his experience coping with his own mood swings has led him to develop an app called Aumi. The aim of the app is to help people with autism handle swings in moods and energy levels better. Little did he realise how useful people with mental health challenges find it too.


Khalid Performs In D.C. At Apple Carnegie Library, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

Apple’s summer-long tour of Up Next Live concerts concluded yesterday evening in Washington, D.C. with a performance by artist Khalid at Apple Carnegie Library in Mount Vernon Square. The series, created in partnership with Apple Music and Today at Apple, brought free concerts from rising musicians to major Apple Stores across the world through July and August.

Apple’s $44 Billion Drop Shows Growing Cost Of Reliance On China, by Debby Wu, Bloomberg

People familiar with iPhone production have said that it is nearly impossible to relocate manufacturing of Apple’s iconic device in a wholesale manner due to the difficulty of procuring a skilled labor force elsewhere, a point that Apple CEO Tim Cook has hammered away at in public as well. The challenges of replicating the complex production lines and necessary infrastructure are also major hurdles.

While Apple has asked at least some suppliers for proposals on ex-China production, there’s no sign the Cupertino company is preparing for a large-scale migration.