The Useful-to-Everybody Edition Sunday, October 6, 2019

Catalina’s Custom Keyboard Viewers, by Daniel Jalkut, Bitsplitting

This is another excellent example of software that is ostensibly designed to assist people with specific needs actually being useful to everybody. This is the heart of accessible software design, and I think we’ll see more and more “accessible” software released from the relative obscurity of the Accessibility tab as we move forward.

Users Take To Apple's Website To Complain Of Early Scratching On iPhone 11, by Stephen Warwick, iMore

Following the launch of the iPhone 11, a discussion thread over on Apple Support is gaining significant traction over claims that the iPhone 11's screen seems to be particularly prone to scratching.


The Best Features Of The Nike Apple Watch Series 5, by Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

These complications are essentially shortcuts to the Nike+ Run Club app. If you're a frequent runner, it is a nice convenience to have.

Any other watch face still has the standard Nike complication, but it takes up one of the usable spots.

Apple Previews For All Mankind At New York Comic Con, Pitched As 'Mad Men For NASA', by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Apple TV+ made two appearances at New York Comic Con this year, with panels on Servant and For All Mankind. For Servant, Apple announced a launch date (November 28) and an advance look at the official trailer.

Osmo Partners With Disney To Bring Frozen 2 To Life, by Patrick Campanale, 9to5Toys

Osmo Super Studio with Frozen 2 is built to allow kids to enjoy an all-new A.I. drawing experience like never before. This is a great way to let your little one get ready for the film’s theatrical release in November while still getting them to learn and grow at the same time.


I Fear The iPad, by Leah Ryan, Mesabi Daily News

Honestly, right now her iPad is so foreign to me, I don’t touch it. I don’t want to break it! Unfortunately, that has put a barrier between me, my child, her social life and education.

How Tim Cook Won Donald Trump’s Ear, by Tripp Mickle, Wall Street Journal

Mr. Cook is one of the few executives in a hyperpolarized political era who has managed to both support and challenge the president’s agenda in a way that has kept him in Mr. Trump’s good graces while avoiding any public backlash from either employees or customers.

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Dear [Singapore bank, you know who you are]: if you know there is something wrong with your 2FA token thing that prevented customers from logging in to your internet banking, you might want to put up a status message thing on your login page, so that I need not have tried so many things on your website and your app and calling you on the phone and navigating through all the phone menus (twice!) and do all that waiting, just to hear from a human being that there is something wrong with your 2FA token thing.


Apple + scratchable = tale as old as time.


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