The With-Spotify Edition Monday, October 7, 2019

You Can Now Ask Siri To Play Spotify Music On iOS 13, Spotify Debuts Apple TV App, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Spotify has today released its iOS 13 update, which allows users to ask Siri to play albums and playlists using their voice. This brings Spotify up to par with other music apps; SiriKit integration for audio apps was exclusive to Apple Music until iOS 13.

Filming The Show: Pardon The Intrusion? Or Punish It?, by Michael Paulson, New York Times

A seized phone. A stopped concert. A text from Rihanna. All new fuel for a heated debate about theater etiquette in the digital age.

Addicted To Screens? That’s Really A You Problem, by Nellie Bowles, New York Times

“We talk about addiction, but when it comes to Candy Crush, really? Facebook? We’re not freebasing Facebook. We’re not injecting Instagram here,” Mr. Eyal said one morning over croissants at New York’s Bryant Park. “These are things we can do something about, but we love to think the technology is doing it to us.”

And so in “Indistractable,” which was published last month, Mr. Eyal has written a guide to free people from an addiction he argues they never had in the first place. It was all just sloughing off personal responsibility, he figures. So the solution is to reclaim responsibility in myriad small ways.

Playing the Game

Four New Games Were Added To Apple Arcade, Including The Surprise Release Of Pilgrims, by Zack Zwiezen, Kotaku

Surprise! Last night, Apple added four new games to the Apple Arcade service, including the new game, Pilgrims, from Machinarium developer Amanita Design and the early release of The Bradwell Conspiracy.

Mobile Games And Nintendo, by Lukas Mathis, Ignore the Code

I’m sure they make a ton of money, but it’s clearly coming at the cost of Nintendo’s most valuable assets: its image, the way people perceive the company, and people’s trust in Nintendo’s ability to create amazing games.

Coming Soon

Apple References Unreleased Sleep App For Apple Watch, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

In the App Store listing for Apple's preinstalled Alarms app on the Apple Watch, there is a screenshot of an unreleased version of the Alarms app with a "Sleep" label and fine print that reads "set your Bedtime and wake up in the Sleep app."

Similar functionality is available on the iPhone through the Bedtime tab of the Clocks app.


Apple Watch Series 5 Review: A Small Upgrade, But Still The Best Smartwatch You Can Buy, by David Snelling, Express

There's no question the Series 5 is the best Apple Watch that's ever been made. The new always-on display makes this feel like the device we've always desired and the in-built compass is a nice added extra.


This is the most complete wearable on the market and Apple's rivals have a huge amount of catching up to do.

What To Do If Your Mac’s Fusion Drive Fails (Or Shows Signs Of Failure), by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

That’s why I recommend installing some form of drive-health monitoring software if you use a Fusion Drive. I recently reviewed DriveDx, but there are several other apps available, too. This category of software checks your drives on a schedule and alerts you the first time an error is noticed or a problem rises above a threshold. These reports can provide detail about the current wear state of your Fusion Drive SSD (or a regular full-disk one).

Logic Pro On Catalina: Don't Update Until You Read This, by Justin Kahn, 9to5Mac

Updating to Apple’s latest operating system too soon can yield all sorts of issues with your Logic Pro X projects using third-party gear.

Prizmo 5 Review: Mobile Scanner App Makes It A Snap To Capture Documents, by J.R. Bookwalter, Macworld

When it comes to mobile scanner apps, Prizmo 5 is unmatched for its fast, streamlined workflow and high-quality scans, but be prepared to pay up if you want unlimited on-device OCR or to share documents without a watermark.

Official Twitch App For Apple TV Now Available, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

The Twitch app for Apple TV offers the same features found on the iOS and Mac apps, so users can watch live streams, clips, and video on demand, as well as get involved in on-screen chat. Twitch also hosts a slew of additional broadcasts, including live Thursday Night NFL Games, so this news isn't necessarily just for videogame fans.


China Has Apple By The iPhones, by Chris Duckett, ZDNet

Apple makes around $3 billion in revenue from China each month. It's worth keeping that in mind as that would appear to be the price of Cupertino's scruples.

Whenever the iPhone maker gets sanctimonious about privacy -- and let's face it, it's not hard when your main competitor is an advertising company -- it's worth remembering that whatever Apple says, it doesn't apply in China.

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Remember how to switch playlists with the no-display iPod shuffle? I wish I can do something similar with my AirPods, switching between the audiobook, podcast, and music app, without a screen.

(Siri is not there yet.)


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