The Benefit-from-Touch Edition Monday, November 4, 2019

Adobe Photoshop Arrives On The iPad, by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

As Adobe said right from the start, this initial version of Photoshop for the iPad isn’t at feature parity with its desktop editing software. It does, however, support Apple Pencil for iPad Pro and more recent iPad models, and it allows editing of PSD files. Adobe says it has focused on features that will benefit from touch and Apple Pencil input on this first release, including “core compositing and retouching tools,” with other improvements, including added support of brushes and masks, as well as things like smart selection, to come later.

Photoshop For iPad Shows That Adobe Totally Still Has It, by Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

Photoshop for iPad is far from finished. Compared to even basic photo-editing apps already available on iOS, Photoshop lacks features. But what’s there is incredible. The app is lightning fast, and super-responsive. Its design is intuitive, and stays out of the way. Apple could learn a thing or two about UI design from Adobe here. Numbers and Pages are embarrassingly bad when it comes to hiding basic functions behind menus and panels to make the app look simpler. Photoshop makes everything easy to find and use.

Adobe MAX 2019: Photoshop On iPad Arrives, Adobe Aero Debuts On iOS, More Updates To Creative Cloud Apps, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

AR, 3D, and machine learning continue to be major themes at this year’s MAX conference. Many new Creative Cloud features are powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI platform. Aero, the AR authoring tool, was announced in June 2018 and has been shaped by artists and beta testers over the past year.

Culturally Resonant

Oprah’s Book Club Changed The Game—and Created A New World For Black Readers Like Me, by Jamilah King, Mother Jones

I was in middle school on September 17, 1996, when Oprah Winfrey stood in front of a studio audience in Chicago and announced she was starting the book club. But even though I didn’t consider myself—a basketball-loving tomboy growing up in San Francisco—part of her target demographic, I couldn’t escape her reach back then, and still now. This book club, through several evolutions and iterations, is the only part of the sprawling Oprah empire I genuinely care about. Her book club, for me—and I suspect a lot of other people, particularly in my age bracket—is the most culturally resonant part of her powerful legacy. I didn’t watch her talk show, am grumpily and somewhat naturally predisposed to be skeptical of her enthusiasm for All The Things, and despite my being a Leo and an only child, still can’t quite fathom putting my own face on the cover of a magazine every month for two decades.

But it would be treasonous to book nerds everywhere not to acknowledge the outsize impact Oprah’s had on publishing. And me. If one of the Oprah seals of approval catches my eye at the bookstore, I can’t help but stop. And with the club relaunching this month on Apple TV Plus, it’ll reach a whole new generation of people who I hope will get the same excitement finding the little orange O on a cover’s corner.

New Heights of Awfulness

iOS 13 Has A Huge Bug That Makes Me Want To Dump My iPhone And iPad, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet

iOS was never really that good at multitasking between apps -- it always had a tendency to forget what apps in the background were doing -- but iOS 13 and iOS 13.2 has taken this and elevated it to new heights of awfulness.

Multitasking has gone from being sometimes annoying to a continual slog of frustration and irritation. I've had this happen across a variety of apps on a number of different platforms, so it isn't limited to select apps or devices.


Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard Is A Delight To Type On And A Joy To Look At, by Amber Neely, AppleInsider

Whether you're gaming or typing, a mechanical offers far better accuracy and an overall better feel than traditional keyboards. Keychron has made a Mac-friendly mechanical keyboard that has a few neat tricks up its sleeve.


Apple Rejecting Electron Apps From Mac App Store Due To Private API Usage, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

The apps in question are getting flagged because of their usage of private API calls. These API calls are not in the app itself, but part of the underlying Electron framework.


Apple Makes Massive Housing Splash With $2.5 Billion Pledge, by Marisa Kendall, San Jose Mercury News

Dwarfing all other Bay Area tech commitments, Apple on Monday stepped up to fight the California housing crisis in a big way — pledging an unprecedented $2.5 billion to the cause.

Apple’s pledge includes invested and donated funds, as well as real estate, intended to help produce new affordable housing and help first-time homebuyers in the Bay Area and throughout California over the next two years. The move comes on the heels of funding commitments by Google and Facebook — which each pledged $1 billion earlier this year — as local companies increasingly are making an effort to address the housing shortage that’s been exacerbated by the Silicon Valley tech boom.

TikTok And Apple Decline To Testify Over China, by BBC

Tuesday's hearing is designed to explore the relationships the US-based technology industry has with China and whether there are national security issues as a result.

TikTok said it was unable to send a suitable delegate "on short notice" but was committed to "working productively" with Congress.

Apple said it had no comment.