The Doesn't-Know-How Edition Saturday, November 23, 2019

Apple News+ Stumbled Because It’s The Service Most Outside Apple’s Control, by Leif Johnson, Macworld

With Apple News+, Apple finds itself struggling with multiple publications in various stages of the shift from print to digital media. It’s struggling to find the best ways to pay sites and to make them believe that Apple News+ benefits them, particularly when those sites tend to have vastly different means of generating their own revenue. Apple also has no control over the frequency or quality of the content. This doesn’t matter much with the free version of Apple News, but it’s a clear problem with the premium content of Apple News+. Maybe these issues wouldn’t be so obnoxious if Apple at least seemed interested in making an effort to fix them (as it is with the notoriously buggy iOS 13), but there’s little proof that it is. Maybe, with so many aspects of Apple News+ being out of the company’s control, it just doesn’t know how.

Microsoft And Apple Are Better Together, by Jonny Evans, Computerworld

Useful features like the Ideas button in Office 365 and big features such as using your iPhone to authenticate a Windows machine using Jamf Pro are the fruits of these conversations, enabling Apple technologies to become peer players in the rapidly changing world of enterprise IT.


The Hidden Gems Of Apple Arcade, by Susan Arendt, Ars Technica

Well, friend, I'm here for you with my own tasting menu of hidden Apple Arcade delights. Here’s a sampler of some of the best entries on offer, chosen for their quality, inventiveness, and suitability for playing on a phone. (Though, if you have an Apple TV, I definitely recommend using it for more than Netflix).

Apple Adds More Than 20 New Magazines To Apple News+, by Dennis Sellers, Apple World Today

Publications added include Empire, WSJ Magazine, EVO, Robb Report, and more.


Apple Adds Subscription Renewal Failures To Server Notifications From App Store Connect, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Server-to-server notifications is a service provided by Apple to developers that provides real-time updates for a user's subscription status. In short, the App Store sends a notification to an app's secure server advising of any changes in the subscription status, such as cancellations, renewals, and new subscriptions.

Announced via the Apple Developer Portal, the list of things the notifications will advise has increased, with new notifications sent when a "subscription renewal fails due to a billing issue," along with "when a billing issue is resolved by the App Store."


Tim Cook Vows To Fight For DACA Recipients, by Layne Winn , Rebecca Jarvis and Zunaira Zaki, ABC News

“No matter who is in the White House, the things I’m focused on are going to be the same,” Cook told ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis in an exclusive interview. “I am focused on DACA. We have 450 folks in Apple, employed at Apple, who are employed on DACA. I want those folks protected. Not just the 450 but the broader DACA people in America.”

Email App Maker Begs Apple CEO To Get Back On The App Store, by Julian Chokkattu, Wired

The Volachs believe Apple infringed on their patent, and they think BlueMail's removal are all a part of Apple's goal to copy ideas and stifle competition. They know Apple's legal team can draw out the lawsuit for a long time, but they're hoping the open letter will draw attention to their case.

"Mr. Cook, we are asking you personally, please bring BlueMail back to the Mac App Store," the Volachs write. "Please treat small developers with fairness and empathy. Please recognize your own roots as a small business, struggling to compete against the establishment, in our struggle for fairness."