The Everyone-Shine Edition Saturday, December 14, 2019

Apple's Head Of Accessibility On The Company's Determination To Make Gadgets That Work For Everyone, by Amelia Heathman, London Evening Standard

Ensuring that this is baked into everything Apple makes, from devices to apps and services, is Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s global head of accessibility. We recently sat down with Herrlinger to talk about this mission and the surprising learnings along the way.

“We all want to be productive members of society and do good things and show the whole of who we are. Being able to create technology that levels the playing field and lets everyone shine is really important," she says.

You Can Now Ask Alexa To Play Apple Podcasts On Amazon Echo Speakers, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Apple has partnered with Amazon to launch support for Apple Podcasts on Amazon Echo devices. Starting today, Echo owners in the United States can ask Alexa to play any of the 800,000 shows in the Apple Podcasts directory.


Apple 'Spaceship' Open House Miffs Neighbors Who Didn't Get Invites, by Marisa Kendall, San Jose Mercury News

But after the event was publicized, neighbors started complaining they were left out — including some who live blocks from the campus.


Apple says the company invited its closest Apple Park neighbors, as well as some community members who were early supporters of the project. But the company would not provide more specific details about how invitees were chosen, or comment on how many people were invited.

Apple Is Offering Free Genetic Tests To All Its Silicon Valley Employees, by Christina Farr, CNBC

The idea is to move health care at Apple's clinics from reactive to proactive, as genetic tests can offer a window into health risks down the line. In some cases, patients can take preventative steps to reduce their likelihood of getting a disease.

Shopping Sucks Now, by Casey Johnston, Vice

I'm realizing what I actually want is not the perfect glove; what I want is for the world to be small again. This infinite-market stuff was all well and good when being able to buy almost anything was an opportunity, but now that I can consider everything in the interest of saving time and money on buying subpar stuff, it’s an obligation I can’t ignore. But then I inevitably end up wasting a lot of time and money trying to save that time and money, making everything about this my fault.