The More-Dominant-Than-Ever Edition Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The 2010s Were Supposed To Bring The Ebook Revolution. It Never Quite Came., by Constance Grady, Vox

Ironically, by winning when it comes to ebook pricing, publishing seems to have hurt its ability to convince readers that print books are worth spending money on.

“Amazon can still discount whatever they like on the print side,” explains Jane Friedman, a publishing consultant and the author of The Business of Being a Writer. On the ebook side, however, Amazon now lists publisher-mandated prices, often with the petulant italic addition “Price set by seller.” “So the market is very weird, and often the ebook costs more than the print,” Friedman says. “Sometimes it feels like Amazon is trying to make the publishers look ridiculous.”

And because ebooks are often more expensive than Amazon’s heavily discounted print books, traditional publishing’s ebook sales seem to have fallen off — and Amazon is more dominant than ever in the print book market. “It’s so much cheaper,” says Friedman.

Apple Offering Week Of App Store Freebies For The Holidays, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Starting Christmas Eve, Apple will be giving away a series of surprises for customers of the App Store, in what appears to be a reworking of its long-canceled "12 Days of Gifts" promotion.

How To Set An Apple Watch Move Goal That's Right For You, by Graham Bower, Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch Activity app sets us three daily goals, for standing, exercise and movement. The first two are the same for everyone: Stand for a minute during at least 12 hours of the day, and do at least 30 minutes of exercise. But the Move goal is different.

For it, you must choose an appropriate goal for yourself, and that can prove a little tricky. Set it too high and it’ll be demotivating. Too low, and it’s just not challenging enough.

So how do you pick the perfect Move goal on Apple Watch?


Apple Requiring Notarization For Non Mac App Store Apps Starting February 2020, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple this afternoon announced that developers who create Mac apps outside of the Mac App Store will need to submit them for the notarization process starting on February 3, 2020.

Apple temporarily relaxed the notarization requirements for non ‌Mac App Store‌ apps in September after the launch of macOS Catalina, and at the time, said developers would have until January 2020 to get used to the new rules.

All I Want For Christmas Is To Sign In With Apple, by Viorel Sfetea

I am just not willing to pay that at the moment. I don’t plan to have a mobile app and I don’t want to pile up costs at this stage of the project.

And frankly, if you’re put before the decision of implementing Sign-in with Facebook for free vs Sign-in with Apple for 100€, which one are most likely to choose?