The Erase-Mac Edition Tuesday, December 31, 2019

‘Erase Mac’ Doesn’t?, by Howard Oakley, The Ecletic Light Company

What does the terse phrase Erase Mac mean? If you think that it means completely erase your Mac, then I’m with you. But that apparently isn’t what Apple means, at least not when it comes to the Find My service and Activation Lock.

How On-Demand Tech Companies Redefined Urban Life, by Laura Bliss, CityLab

The 2010s were the decade the city became an App Store: an online marketplace where our choices were closely tracked, where that data became part of the products we were using, and where digital clusters of activity displaced real-world transactions. Yes, we still go downtown for drinks, meals, and shopping experiences. But, more and more, we live in cities of the cloud.


Blackmagic Releases New eGPU Firmware With Pro Display XDR Support, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

The update is available via the Latest Downloads section of the Blackmagic website, and it allows the Pro Display XDR to be used as a display when connected to a Mac with TB3 or with a Blackmagic eGPU.


KVO, My Enemy, by Brent Simmons, Inessential

KVO is a false convenience — it’s often easier than setting up a delegate or old-fashioned notification. But to use KVO is to just ask for your app to crash.


Jimmy Iovine Knows Music And Tech. Here’s Why He’s Worried., by Ben Sisario, New York Times

And the streaming music services are utilities — they’re all the same. Look at what’s working in video. Disney has nothing but original stuff. Netflix has tons of original stuff. But the music streaming services are all the same, and that’s a problem.

What happens when something is commoditized is that it becomes a war of price. If you can get the exact same thing next door cheaper, somebody is going to enter this game and just lower the price. Spotify’s trying with podcasts. Who knows? Maybe that will work.

Apple Ink Supplier In Japan Makes Mark With iPhone 11 Pro Colors, by Rurika Imahashi, Nikkei Asian Review

Usually, producing green ink involves pollutants like halogens. The company, however, developed a cleaner way that offers high color accuracy and durability, said Yukinori Kabe, a sales manager. This appealed to the environmentally conscious Cook, who also praised Seiko Advance's plans to switch to renewable solar and wind power in 2020.

Midnight Green is not the only color Seiko Advance provides for the iPhone 11 Pro -- it is also behind the Gold, Space Gray and Silver models. "We are the sole supplier of colors for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max," said Kabe.

Apple Escalates Legal Fight With iOS Virtualization Tool Provider Corellium, by Mike Wuerthele, AppleInsider

On December 27, Apple amended its lawsuit that it filed versus Corellium —a company that provides the frameworks of an iOS simulator used by security researchers. While Apple has stopped short of calling a jailbreak illegal, it is taking the tack that developing an emulator or similar iOS emulation to facilitate a jailbreaking tool's creation is a copyright infringement.

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My achievement of the year, achieved on Dec 31st, 2019: completed a New York Times Sudoku puzzle at Hard level within 30 minutes.

Of course, this is only the Monday's version. I assume, like the crossword puzzle, the daily puzzles get progressively harder towards the end of the week?

(I wrote this on the morning of Tuesday local time, which is still Monday evening over at New York.)


I've always wondered why the music labels didn't do a Hulu and sell music subscriptions to consumers directly? Are they secure in the knowledge that neither Spotify nor Apple Music will gain monopoly powers that they can afford to just sit back and get all that profits?


Happy New Year, and thanks for reading.