The New-Habit Edition Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Smartphone Isn’t Evil, Chill, by Ben Brooks, The Brooks Review

There’s only two tools I really advise, because the rest of it is just removing stuff from your life. The fist tool is Screen Time, but not to track usage, instead to limit the usage of things you want to curb. Perhaps you think you ‘can’t’ dump something like Facebook, that’s fine, set a limit on it for yourself. And not a limit that you think is the ideal, set a limit that you guess is how much you use it already.


Next, use reminders. Not to schedule things, but as a way of again keeping yourself honest. For instance, one I have is ‘Read Book’ which repeats everyday. I check it off everyday regardless of whether I read a book, but I do so knowing whether or not I actually did that thing. I would be careful about having too many of these, one at a time is ideal, but I find them powerful for forming a new habit.

Apple Responds To Report On iOS 13's Frequent Location Tracking Reminders, Emphasizes Privacy, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

In light of those changes, The Wall Street Journal today reported that some developers are concerned that the location tracking reminders will hurt adoption of their apps, while some iPhone users are said to have expressed frustration that the reminders appear every few days despite repeatedly selecting "always allow."

Apple responded to the report with a statement insisting that the changes were made to further safeguard user privacy.


The MacBook Pro 16 Needs To Be The Future Of Apple Laptops, by Alex Cranz, Gizmodo

If you’ve bought an Apple laptop in the last few years and you try out the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, you will be furious. It’s so good. It works precisely as a laptop should—the issues that have plagued Apple’s laptops in recent years seem absent. Everything about the device seems to follow an age-old Apple edict the company forgot: It just works.

So while I’m delighted by the existence of the new MacBook Pro, I’ll admit there’s some frustration, too. It very much feels like Apple should have been making this device or something like it for the last decade. Instead, we’ve been saddled with year after year of underpowered laptops that prioritize minimalism over functionality.

The Best Note-taking Apps To Keep You Organised In 2020, by Sanjana Varghese, Wired UK

Leave the notepad behind and start using a digital note-taking app instead and start syncing your reminders across devices and adding extra information to make life admin less of a drag.

This is our pick of the best note-taking apps, ranging from free to paid, with so many functions that you might find they start replacing other apps too.

Documents 7 Review: Free iOS File Manager Puts Apple's Files App To Shame, by J.R. Bookwalter, Macworld

For those underwhelmed by the built-in Files app, do yourself a favor and install Documents 7, the free file manager worthy of being installed on every iOS device.


As Robots Take Over Warehousing, Workers Pushed To Adapt, by Matt O'Brien, Associated Press

But while fears of fully automated warehouses haven’t come to fruition, there are growing concerns that keeping up with the pace of the latest technology is taking a toll on human workers’ health, safety and morale.

Warehouses powered by robotics and artificial intelligence software are leading to human burnout by adding more work and upping the pressure on workers to speed up their performance, said Beth Gutelius, who studies urban economic development at the University of Illinois at Chicago and has interviewed warehouse operators around the U.S.


Apple Restores Imagination GPU Chip Agreement After Public Dispute And Employee Poaching, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Could this mean Apple will rely on Imagination GPUs once again or opt for the licensed chips in other categories beyond iPhone — like the long-rumored augmented reality headset?

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If I am listening to an audio book while playing a game on my iPhone, how does Screen Time classify that?


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