The Sea-of-Content Edition Friday, January 3, 2020

What The Death Of iTunes Says About Our Digital Habits, by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic

So what really failed, maybe, wasn’t iTunes at all—it was the implicit promise of Gmail-style computing. The explosion of cloud storage and the invention of smartphones both arrived at roughly the same time, and they both subverted the idea that we should organize our computer. What they offered in its place was a vision of ease and readiness. What the idealized iPhone user and the idealized Gmail users shared was a perfectly functioning executive system: Every time they picked up their phone or opened their web browser, they knew exactly what they wanted to do, they got it done with a calm single-mindedness, and then they closed their device. This dream illuminated Inbox Zero and Kinfolk and minimalist writing apps. It didn’t work. What we got instead was Inbox Infinity and the algorithmic timeline. Each of us became a wanderer above a sea of content. Each of us adopted the tacit—but still shameful—assumption that we are just treading water, that the clock is always running, and that the work will never end.

Language Apps: Can Phones Replace Classrooms?, by Carys Betteley, BBC

Can apps ever replace classroom language learning or even help revive minority or dying languages?


This AirPower Clone Is Now Available To Buy, by Jon Porter, The Verge

The Zens Liberty doesn’t quite deliver on everything Apple’s AirPower had promised. For one thing, it only lets you wirelessly charge two, rather than three, devices simultaneously on the pad. It also can’t charge an Apple Watch natively — for that you’ll have to plug a $39.99 accessory into its USB-A port. Still, the fact that you can place your devices anywhere on its surface has the potential to make wireless charging a much more reliable experience, as opposed to having to find the exact sweet spot to place your device.


The Story Of Why Marc Benioff Gifted The Domain To Steve Jobs, by Ron Mill,er TechCrunch

Benioff wrote that he and his executives actually gasped when they heard the name. Somehow, even after all that time had passed since that the original meeting, both companies had settled upon the same name. Only Salesforce had rejected it, leaving an opening for Benioff to give a gift to his mentor. He says that he went backstage after the keynote and signed over the domain to Jobs.

How Canada's Military Reacted To Seeing Pokemon Go Players Trespassing On Its Bases, by Brett Ruskin, CBC

"Plse advise the Commissionaires that apparently Fort Frontenac is both a PokeGym and a PokeStop. I will be completely honest in that I have not idea what that is," wrote Maj. Jeff Monaghan at CFB Kingston.

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Do we know why Apple canceled its AirPower project? Should we worry about AirPower clones having the same problems that caused Apple to cancel the project?


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