The Stop-Sharing Edition Monday, January 13, 2020

Apple's New Privacy Features Have Further Rattled The Location-based Ad Market, by Seb Joseph, DigiDay

“People have decided to stop their phones’ sharing location data at a universal level,” said Jason Smith, chief business officer at Location Sciences.

All the background location data that previously had been made available for targeted advertising is lost to marketers when people decide they don’t want their apps to share it with other companies.

For Platforms Like Netflix And Hulu, Password Sharing Might Be Their Own 'Streaming Crisis', by Danny Vena, Motley Fool

Among younger viewers, Netflix is the most shared, with 56% giving out their password, but Disney rocketed up the charts – taking second place – with 31% of younger viewers sharing credentials. The other big names suffered similar fates, with Hulu at 30%, Apple TV+ at 17%, Amazon at 14%, and HBO Now at 10%.

If the results are representative of the larger population of viewers – and there's no reason to think they're not – this has huge implications for the future of streaming. Netflix has the most to lose, as the company has the deepest penetration of any streaming service – but this poses a similar problem for all the streaming providers.

Apple TV+ Takes Home Its First Awards Win, As Billy Crudup Named Best Supporting Actor At The Critics Choice Awards, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Apple TV+ has scooped its first major awards win tonight. Billy Crudup won the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Critics Choice Award, for his performance as Cory Ellison in The Morning Show.

In this year’s Critics Choice awards, Apple’s streaming service only got one nomination but it converted that into a win today.


I Went To See A Movie, And Instead I Saw The Future, by Jason Fried, Signal v Noise

This is the future, I’m afraid. A future that plans on everything going right so no one has to think about what happens when things go wrong. Computers don’t make mistakes. An automated future where no one actually knows how things work. A future where people are so far removed from the process that they stand around powerless, unable to take the reigns. A future where people don’t remember how to help one another in person. A future where corporations are so obsessed with efficiency, that it doesn’t make sense to staff a theater with technical help because things only go wrong sometimes. A future with a friendlier past.

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Apple's products has clearly influenced others in all the industries to follow suit. All work laptops now look like MacBook Airs. (The clear exception are gaming laptops.) All phones look like iPhones. And all smartwatches do fitness and health.

The next step for Apple, then, is to influence others so that all companies look like Apple. Privacy is a good first step.


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