The Request-Rejection Edition Thursday, February 27, 2020

Apple’s Tim Cook Calls Coronavirus A ‘Challenge’ At Shareholder Talk, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Answering questions from the audience, Cook said for the first time that Apple would open its online store in India this year, with the first retail stores opening in the country in 2021.

He also made his first public comments about the company’s rejection of the U.S. government’s request to unlock iPhones belonging to the shooter behind the December 2019 attack that killed three people in Pensacola, Florida. “Don’t think we have something that we’re not giving,” he said, adding that Apple wouldn’t create a backdoor to break into its devices.


Font Chaos In macOS Catalina And How To Deal With It, by Jay J. Nelson, Macworld

I had font problems after upgrading to Catalina. I consider myself a font management expert, but I couldn’t fix my problems without help. Here’s a look at what I encountered and what I had to do to get back to work. Hopefully, you can learn from my experience.

Eero WiFi Routers Add HomeKit Support, by John Voorhees, MacStories

Amazon’s Eero routers are the first out of the gate with HomeKit support, which promises to provide greater security to your Internet-connected HomeKit devices.

Tech-whizz Dad Invents iPad App To Help His Son, by Jack Maguire , Jersey Evening Post

'Then I was watching a TED talk which showed how people who had been born sightless because of, say, cataracts, and had then had their vision restored. The talk was about how videos helped them learn better than just pictures, so I thought the same principle could apply.’

The app, which is free to download, includes four games that help children like Isaac to learn associations between names, images and sounds of voices. The app can be personalised so users can upload pictures and voices of real family members.


Apple Loses Pair Of Key Operations, Supply Chain Executives, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Nick Forlenza, a vice president of manufacturing design, has retired from Apple, while Duco Pasmooij, another vice president who worked on operations, is discussing an exit in the near future, according to people familiar with the moves. Pasmooij left the operations team over a year ago, moving into a role reporting to the company’s head of augmented reality efforts, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing personnel.

Apple Now Requires Government Approval For iOS Games, by Todd Kuhns, AppInChina

Apple appears to be attempting to bring its App Store in China in line with a 2016 Chinese regulation that states games published in the country must be approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication of China.

ARM Macs Are Coming, Three Years After Apple's Attitude Change, by Jason Snell, Macworld

Life comes at you fast. But in the last three years, Apple has shown that it’s not satisfied with letting the Mac stay on autopilot, if it ever really was. As with the Mac’s previous chip transitions, there will be a period of uncertainty—but the transition will offer payoffs that will ultimately be worth it.

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I am skeptical that Apple will switch the entire Mac line to ARM, and I am also skeptical that Apple want to run one single macOS platform on two different kinds of chips.


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