The Read-Alongs Edition Monday, March 23, 2020

Apple Offers 'Stay At Home' Collection Of Free Apple Books, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

Earlier today, the Apple Books app sent out a push notification offering a free Apple Book to users. The notification mentioned read-alongs for kids, cozy mysteries, and audiobooks for the whole family.

Apple Scraps Curbs On Online Buyers Of iPhones Amid Virus Outbreak, by Josh Horwitz, Reuters

Apple has dropped a two-device limit on online purchases of iPhones, a check of its web stores showed on Monday, just days after changing the checkout procedure amid a coronavirus pandemic.

I Just Gave Apple $1800. I Hope I Don't Regret It, by Chris Matyszczyk, ZDNet

This will be the first time I've ever bought a piece of hardware without seeing it first in the metal flesh.

But will it be the last time I buy an Apple laptop?

Why I’ve Switched From Apple’s Mail App To Spike On All My Devices, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

If you combined email and iMessage into a single service, it would look like Spike. Spike strips away the formality of email (headers, signatures, etc.) and makes it look like iMessage.

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Do give yourself some time every day to not read the news. Go read some reviews on the latest Apple devices. Go buy or borrow an e-book. Go watch Apple TV+. Go listen to Bach.


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