The Lost-Moment Edition Monday, March 30, 2020

My iPhone's Live Photos Are Hidden Portals To A World Before Coronavirus, by Patrick Holland, CNET

Just like many people these days, I've been stuck at home. It's been a difficult time for me. But in the solitude of what is now my bedroom, office and home video studio, I came across a ton of lost moments I'd forgotten about. They were living in my iPhone for years in the form of 3-second videos that were recorded when I took a Live Photo. But this isn't just an iPhone feature: Some were Motion Photos that I took using Android phones, which do the exact same thing. This isn't about OS loyalty or specs, but about discovering the emotional moments Live Photos captured without me knowing. At a time when tech companies loftily claim their products are life-changing, this is one instance when it was actually true for me.

GarageBand's Live Loops Heading To Logic Pro X In Future Update, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Apple may be preparing to update Logic Pro X by adding a new feature, with a leaked screenshot indicating GarageBand's Live Loops function will be making the transition to the professional music creation tool soon.


This App Can Help Connect Isolated Seniors With Their Families, by Liz Engel, Forbes

It’s not everyday that an app promotes itself as the antithesis of Facebook. But HiLois, a private social network designed for seniors and their families, is exactly just that.

Brett Harnett, the company’s Ohio-based founder, came up with the idea shortly after his mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2014 as a way to remotely share photos and messages with her while living hundreds of miles away.

Logic Pros Review: EastWest’s Backup Vocal Instrument Can Actually Sing Your Lyrics, by Justin Kahn, 9to5Mac

The powerful vocal sampler instrument adds a trio of iconic Hollywood singers to your Logic Pro X library and directly beneath your finger tips. EastWest has been a major player in the premium sampler instrument game for a while now and its latest gives producers incredible ability to program three equally tenured, if not even more iconic, vocalists to their liking.


Foiled Again!, by Dr Drang, And Now It's All This

For 35 years, Apple’s been telling me this thing should called a pointer, and I’ve been following along, mainly because I thought the distinction between a pointer and a cursor was useful. Are there no standards anymore? Is nothing sacred?

Test And Trace With Apple And Google, by Jon Evans, TechCrunch

Android and iOS could, and should, add and roll out privacy-preserving, interoperable, TraceTogether-like functionality at the OS level (or Google Play Services level, to split fine technical hairs.) Granted, this means relying on corporate surveillance, which makes all of us feel uneasy. But at least it doesn’t mean creating a whole new surveillance infrastructure. Furthermore, Apple and Google, especially compared to cellular providers, have a strong institutional history and focus on protecting privacy and limiting the remit of their surveillance.