The Face-Shields Edition Monday, April 6, 2020

Apple Donating Over 20 Million Masks To Healthcare Professionals, Producing Face Shields With Suppliers, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Cook said Apple has now sourced over 20 million masks that it is in the process of donating to healthcare professionals around the world. Apple is working with governments to ensure that the masks are donated to the places of greatest need.

Cook added that Apple's design, engineering, operations, and packaging teams are working with suppliers to design, produce, and ship face shields for medical workers. Apple plans to donate one million face shields by the end of this week, followed by an additional one million per week. Cook said the face shields take less than two minutes to assemble.


iWork Review, by Christian Rigg, TechRadar

iWork is a feature-rich suite with deep collaborative functionality. If your business is Mac-based, it’s hard to do better, especially since it’s free.

The New York Times, IFTTT, Medium, And Other Apps Adopt Sign In With Apple Ahead Of June 30 Deadline, by Frank McShan, MacRumors

Apps with sign-in functionality, including The New York Times, IFTTT, Medium, and more, have continued to adopt Apple's secure Sign in with Apple feature ahead of a deadline of June 30. The deadline for these apps to support the feature was recently extended from April 30.

How To Use Your Phone As A Webcam, by Mike Prospero, Tom's Guie

Yes, the same camera that you use to take selfies, vacation photos and pictures of food can be used as a productivity tool when working from home.

There’s a few ways you can use your phone as a webcam. We’ll show you a few techniques for how to set up your Android smartphone or iPhone to use as a webcam, whether you have a Mac or a PC. Best of all, many of these options are free.

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Today I did two Microsoft Teams meeting with my iPhone acting as a webcam to my Mac mini. It worked fine.

(I'm using EpocCam, by the way.)


Today I learnt that Microsoft Teams' notification is not using macOS notification system. And I lost 15 minutes of my life trying to figure out why Microsoft Team did not appear in the Security & Privacy panel in macOS' System Preferences.


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