The Create-Connections Edition Monday, May 11, 2020

Apple Offers In-Store Experience Online And It's Incredible, by Jason Aten, Inc

The incredible part is the "Today at Apple at Home" classes. Apple has created a section where you can watch short versions of the same classes offered in its stores, virtually. But the best part is that the classes were recorded by Apple's Creative Pros, at their own homes.


Why? Because it's taking a familiar experience that adds value to its customers and using it to create a connection at a time when that's more important than ever.

Thunderbolt Flaws Expose Millions Of PCs To Hands-On Hacking, by Andy Greenberg, Wired

On Thunderbolt-enabled Windows or Linux PCs manufactured before 2019, his technique can bypass the login screen of a sleeping or locked computer—and even its hard disk encryption—to gain full access to the computer's data. And while his attack in many cases requires opening a target laptop's case with a screwdriver, it leaves no trace of intrusion, and can be pulled off in just a few minutes. That opens a new avenue to what the security industry calls an "evil maid attack," the threat of any hacker who can get alone time with a computer in, say, a hotel room.


Computers running Apple's MacOS are unaffected.

Major Thunderbolt Security Flaws Found, Affect Macs Shipped 2011-2020, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Macs are fully vulnerable to all of the Thunderbolt security flaws when running Bootcamp, and ‘partly affected’ when running macOS.


Ruytenberg informed both Intel and Apple of his discoveries, but says that as the Thunderbolt security flaws are present in the controller chips, there is no way to fix the vulnerabilities via a software update.


Adobe Fresco Coloring Books Are A Great Way To Kill Time At Home, Even If You're A Terrible Artist, by Alex Perry, Mashable

Thanks to Adobe's new Fresco-compatible digital coloring books, that classic grade school activity can now become an amusing and time-consuming quarantine hobby. Sure, it's tough to justify the cost of the hardware if all you want to do is casually color inside some lines, but it's an impressive example of tech making even the worst artists feel competent.


Could A Randomness Machine Help You Fight Procrastination?, by Arne Jenssen, Excelerity

I took a big glass jar and filled it with paper-lots. On each lot I wrote a thing I would reward myself by doing during a break. Facebook, linkedIn, twitter, youtube, pushups, local news, national news, tech news, close browser tabs, brainstorm, … and a handful more. Some of the lots I made more copies of because I’d like to do it several times per day. For example I want to drop into facebook up to 4 times per day, so I made 4 lots with Facebook.

It is simple to use the “randomness machine”. After completing a 25-minute session of work it is time for a diversion. I get up from my desk and go to the jar to pick one lot at random. Eyes closed - no cheating.


Apple’s Toaster-Fridge: More Glitches And Thoughts, by Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

How far should Apple designers and engineers go to make the iPad a MacBook alternative? If they go too far, they risk ruining the iPad’s original simplicity, a tendency that we’re already seeing in some parts of the new iPad’s UI and workflows. And what will happen if/when Macs and the iPad Pros run on the same processor?

Big Tech Has Crushed The News Business. That’s About To Change., by Ben Smith, New York Times

In France, where regulators are demanding that Google cut a deal to pay publishers, the pandemic crisis has added “all the more urgency,” said Ms. de Silva, the president of the French Competition Authority, which is enforcing a European Commission change to copyright law that will soon take effect across the continent.

Players on all sides predict the Australian and French decisions will set global precedents. Leaders from Ireland to Malaysia have indicated they’re paying attention. And in the United States, where antitrust laws are weaker and regulators have been more laissez-faire, starving publishers are licking their chops.

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I've never attended any of the Today at Apple sessions before. Maybe if, one day, Apple re-started offering these sessions, I should find time to attend one or two sessions.

Who knows how long the re-opening can last.


Thanks for reading.