The Purposeful-and-Prescient Edition Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Next Decade Of Apple Design Has Nothing To Do With The iPhone, by Sophie Charara, Wired

Jeff Williams, Apple’s supremely capable executive-level fixer, now oversees the design teams in his role as chief operating officer: but it is Evans Hankey, Apple’s first female VP of industrial design, and Alan Dye, VP of human interface design, who have been tasked with maintaining – and evolving – the precise and polished Ive aesthetic.


Apple needs purposeful, prescient design during the 2020s, perhaps more than ever. With the iPhone more or less an ideal Form, and both the AirPods and the Apple Watch already hugely influential on the rest of the tech industry, it's products like AR glasses and cars, as well as Apple's services which will define the next decade of design at Cupertino.

Apple Promotes 'Everyone Can Create' Campaign With Series Of Inspiring Videos, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

The first video interviews students on what creativity means to them, while the other videos highlight students using Apple’s free Swift Playgrounds app to learn how to code in classrooms around the world.


Apple Logic Pro X 10.5 Review, by Ronan Macdonald, Music Radar

Logic Pro X 10.5 is indeed the DAW’s most profound update under Apple’s ownership yet. Live Loops opens up a radical new (for Logic, at least) creative avenue for electronic producers, Step Sequencer is flexible and powerful, Drum Synth sounds wicked, Drum Machine Designer is slicker and more useful than before, and Sampler a last pulls EXS24 kicking and screaming into the 21stt Century.

Apple Arcade's New Winding Worlds Game Seeks To Ease Pandemic Stress For All Ages, by Shelby Brown, CNET

In the colorful puzzle game, you play as Willow, a bunny-like creature who's hired by a cosmic snake to clean up his passage into the afterlife. Along the way, Willow helps lost souls find peace and move on from their lonely planets.

7 Ways To Use Your Apple Products Creatively To Conquer Work And Play, by Billy Tran, The Smart Local

With these creative ways to use Apple products from converting them into measuring devices to measuring your sleep cycle, your bastion of Apple goods will be put to even greater use.

4 Giphy Alternatives And How To Delete Giphy iMessage App, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Apple includes its own GIF search app in iMessage for iPhone and iPad and notably, thanks to some digging from my colleague Filipe Espósito, he found it’s powered by Bing. Technically, Bing could be sourcing some GIFs through Giphy still via Apple’s native iMessage search, but it’s not directly powered by Giphy.

More great options for a diverse selection of GIFs is Tenor as well as Reddit. And below we’ll also look at how to delete the Giphy iMessage app from iPhone and iPad.


What To Expect On Your First Day Back In A Touch-free, Socially Distant Office, by Mark Sullivan, Fast Company

Millions of Americans are now starting to think about going back to work, but it won’t be the same experience as before. Not only will work spaces look different, but many building managers and companies will have put in place technologies to detect sick people, enforce social distancing, and reduce the need to touch surfaces.

Much of this technology has been around long before COVID-19, but its adoption will accelerate as health and safety become primary business concerns. Unfortunately, privacy violations might come with it, too. Here’s a breakdown of the technology that employers may roll out to keep you healthy when you return to your office.


7 Legitimately Fun Things To Do With Friends On Zoom, by Emma Specter, Vogue

Luckily, with a little creativity and planning, a generic Zoom catchup can quickly morph into a genuinely good time. Is anything on this list as fun as getting together with your friends at the mediocre bar of your choice for some gossip and a snack? Well, with these lively options, we can certainly try.

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My wishlist for Apple's design: Make it easy to fix things. No, I am not talking about hardware. I do want smaller and lighter devices, and I am willing to make the tradeoff.

But when I can see that my files on my Mac are going out of sync with files on my iCloud, I want to be able to fix that myself easily. And when my iPhone starts auto-correcting a word that should not need to be auto-corrected, I want to be able to fix that myself easily.


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