The Good-Laptops Edition Thursday, May 28, 2020

Apple's 13-Inch MacBook Pro Is A Good But Pedestrian Laptop, by Julian Chokkattu, Wired

But what I want most from Apple is something different. The new MacBook lineup is Apple's best in years, but they're all a bit ... boring. Boring isn't bad. Stability and reliability often come along with that label. And perhaps, like Goldilocks, I'm being spoiled. This laptops' too dull, that one's too heavy. However, there was a time when MacBooks pushed the envelope and regularly redefined what a laptop could be. Now, they're just good laptops.

The Awesome Mac OS Catalina Fonts You Didn’t Know You Had Access To, by Ralf Herrmann, Typography Guru

Apple has recently licensed fonts from type foundries such as Commercial Type, Klim Type Foundry and Mark Simonson Studio to be used as system fonts on Mac OS Catalina. But since these fonts are an optional download, many users of Mac OS X are not even aware they have access to them for free.

A Fun, Smart, And Creative Digital Learning On The iPad – Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit Review, by Michael Aulia, Craving Tech

Little Genius Starter Kit makes clever use of an iPad to develop many of your child’s early skills like creativity, imagination, and more. [...] Osmo blends both the physical and virtual world together, creating something that is truly unique to experience – even to adults like myself.

Keep Review: The Read-Later App I’ve Been Looking For, by Ryan Christoffel, MacStories

While I’ve always kept Safari’s Reading List and News’ Saved Stories separate, I love that I can now keep a single read-later database.

'If Found' Is An Essential Game About Letting Go Of The Past, by Julie Muncy, Wired

If Found … knows how important it is to see yourself and to be seen plainly, and it shows that sometimes the best way to see an image clearly is to erase it and start from scratch.

YouTube Kids App Makes Its Debut On Apple TV, by Ben Schoon, 9to5Google

YouTube Kids is the child-friendly version of YouTube that adds pretty strong parental controls to help keep kids on specific types of content.

HBO Stops Participating In Apple TV Channels, Users Directed To HBO Max App, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

If you are subscribed to HBO through Apple TV Channels, you can download the HBO Max and access all the content at no additional charge via your Apple ID account. If you are coming to HBO Max afresh, you can use Apple In-App Purchase to subscribe inside of the HBO Max application.


Apple Buys Machine-Learning Startup To Improve Data Used In Siri, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Inductiv developed technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate the task of identifying and correcting errors in data. Having clean data is important for machine learning, a popular and powerful type of AI that helps software improve with less human intervention.

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Today is... well, one of those days, when I am in four different conversations concurrently over the internet. We have voice calls, we have instant messaging, we have good old emails. (The only thing we don't have is a fax machine.)

Thanks, technology!


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