The Quick-Adaptation Edition Sunday, June 14, 2020

Apple Store Returns To Birmingham After Almost Proving It's Not Needed, by Graham Young, BriminghamLive

Since it went into hibernation on the High Street, Apple has continued doing what Apple does...

That means shipping its products to whoever can afford one.

And finding new ways to service customers via technical help over the telephone, with in-store staff having been redeployed this way.

In short, the way the modern world has been able to adapt so quickly to the lockdown is the kind of fuel which helps to keep reinventing Apple.

The Economy Is Reeling. The Tech Giants Spy Opportunity., by Mike Isaac, New York Times

Even with the global economy reeling from a pandemic-induced recession and dozens of businesses filing for bankruptcy, tech’s largest companies — still wildly profitable and flush with billions of dollars from years of corporate dominance — are deliberately laying the groundwork for a future where they will be bigger and more powerful than ever.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are aggressively placing new bets as the coronavirus pandemic has made them near-essential services, with people turning to them to shop online, entertain themselves and stay in touch with loved ones. The skyrocketing use has given the companies new fuel to invest as other industries retrench.


You Can Play This Old School Video Game Bill Gates Created In 1981 — Take A Look, by Tom Huddleston Jr., CNBC

In a 2001 speech, Gates said that he and Konzen wrote the game's programming in one late-night coding spree that kicked off at 4 a.m. "We wrote, late at night, a little application to show what the Basic built into the IBM PC could do," Gates said at the time. "And so that was Donkey.bas. It was, at the time, very thrilling."


An ex-Apple Engineer Shares The Simple Interview Advice That 'Really Blew Them Away' And Landed Her A Job At The Tech Giant, by Lisa Eadicicco, Business Insider

"People just want problem solvers in all aspects of all fields," Paseman, who spent more than five years at Apple as a product design engineer on the Mac team, recently said to Business Insider. "So that would be my advice for anyone starting out in product design."

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Things that made me happy today, a cloudy and rainy Sunday:

Writing a simple BitBar weather plug-in for my own amusement.
Listening to lectures on The Science of Sci-Fi.
Completing New York Times' Sudoku puzzles.

(Am I looking at my potential retirement life?)


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