The Artists-in-London Edition Sunday, July 5, 2020

Today At Apple’s Made In LDN Series Helps Young Musicians Break Into The Industry, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

This summer, Today at Apple and the creative arts youth space Spotlight are joining forces to give young artists in London an opportunity to learn the secrets of the music industry from experts. The Music Survival series of creative sessions runs from July 27 to August 28 and is the latest program produced in Apple’s Made in LDN series, which is supported by the mayor of London.

5 Years Ago, I Thought Apple Watch Was Very 'Meh.' Here's Why I Changed My Mind, by Vanessa Hand Orellana, CNET

I haven't always been a fan of the Apple Watch. I bought one as soon as it went on sale in 2015 hoping it would blow me away, but it ended up spending more time in my drawer than on my wrist. It took three more years and the addition of two key features -- LTE and the ECG app -- for me to finally start wearing it on a regular basis. And now it's earned a permanent spot on my wrist.

7 Tips To Make The Web More Readable On An iPhone, by Tim Brookes, How-To Geek

You probably spend more time reading on your iPhone than you do texting, calling, or playing games. Most of that content is likely on the web, and it’s not always easy to see or scroll through. Fortunately, there are plenty of hidden features that can make reading on your iPhone a much more pleasant experience.

Catch ‘Liberty Bell’ On Your iPhone At The Art Museum Steps. It’s Like Pokémon Go, But Arty., by Becky Batcha and Ellen Gray, Philadelphia Inquirer

A major augmented reality artwork debuted July 4 at sites in six U.S. cities, including the Art Museum steps in Philly, according to its organizers. Viewers who download an app and take their phones to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be able to watch artist Nancy Baker Cahill’s work Liberty Bell appear, Pokémon Go-style, hovering in the air above the museum.

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