The Look-Around Edition Monday, July 20, 2020

I Went To A Restaurant And My iPhone Played A Stunning New Role, by Chris Matyszczyk, ZDNet

"Look around," she said. "No one's on their phone. People are actually looking at each other and talking."

That couldn't be the case, surely. I'm so used to sitting in restaurants where there's hardly any conversation unless it's between two or more people, each of whom are holding phones.

Yet my wife's observation was accurate. People really were talking to each other as if this was some strange pre-iPhone time. It didn't matter their age. It didn't matter whether they were with families, lovers, or friends.

iOS 14, iPadOS 14 And watchOS 7 Can Randomize MAC Addresses, by Stephen Hackett, 512 Pixels

Device privacy is obviously huge to Apple, but there are a lot of network registration systems that use a device’s MAC address to grant access or to tie a device to an account holder. While not necessarily the best practice, it remains a common enough practice that network and managed device admins will have to deal with this coming this fall.


Castro’s Inbox/Queue Feature Is Game-changing Functionality For Heavy Podcast Users, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

For the other shows (which is the bulk of my subscription list), I can browse the Inbox a few times a day, grab the episodes that look interesting to me, and then clear the rest. I know this sounds like a super simple approach, but it’s been a breath of fresh air for me as I was becoming overwhelmed with the number of shows I had subscribed to over the years. I love podcasts, the main problem I have is that I need more time in the day to listen to all of the great shows.


Apple Card Starts Credit File Reporting To Experian, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

The reporting may make an impact on the customer's credit score, as it will effectively be an extra creditor added to a list the customer may already have. The customer's history with Apple Card, such as payments and how much is used as well as the age of the account, is likely to force Experian to make changes to the user's score, though depending on the circumstances, it may be either a positive or a negative effect.

The Next Phase Of The Retail Apocalypse: Stores Reborn As E-Commerce Warehouses, by Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal

Welcome to the next phase of the “retail apocalypse.” This conversion—which Sam’s Club has also completed for five other big-box stores throughout the country—is part of a burgeoning trend in which retail spaces of all sizes are being converted into e-commerce fulfillment centers. The global pandemic may have turbocharged the shift from bricks-and-mortar retail to online shopping, but the rate of conversion of retail into industrial spaces has been accelerating for years, says Matthew Walaszek, associate director of industrial and logistics research at CBRE Group Inc., the world’s largest commercial real-estate services firm by revenue.

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I did not notice people are using their phones less outdoors.

Granted, I don't often go outdoors nowadays.


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