The User-Experience Edition Sunday, August 16, 2020

Apple Stumbled Into A War With The Gaming Industry, And The Future Of iOS Is At Stake, by Nick Statt, The Verge

It might simply not want to cede control of the user experience when an iPhone simply becomes a tiny wireless TV screen for games running on remote Windows or Linux PCs.

There’s also the argument that a cloud app is the ultimate version of a piece of software, living anywhere and accessible on any device. Why in that scenario would a game developer make a dedicated iOS title, with touch controls and in-app purchases and all the other bells and whistles required of an iPhone game, when they could more easily publish the game on xCloud or cut a deal with Google and distribute it through Stadia?

Apple Lets China's WeChat Bypass Its Rules, Former App Review Chief Claims, by James Titcomb, The Telegraph

Phillip Shoemaker, who was in charge of policing the App Store until 2016, claimed WeChat’s continued presence on iPhones amounted to a “special exception”, and speculated that Apple allowed it because it feared being frozen out of the lucrative Chinese smartphone market.

Be Yourself — Everyone Else Is Taken: What We Can Learn From Tim Cook At Apple, by Quint Studer, Pensacola News Journal

Remember, you are fine the way you are. If you do not feel that way, then take some time to work on your inside. I guarantee that when you do, the outside will get better.

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