The Time-Stealing Edition Monday, August 24, 2020

Sebastian Vettel Uses The Latest iPhone For Its Camera; Says Tech Is Designed To Steal Time, by Sahil Gupta, Car And Bike

"A lot of the stuff is designed to actually steal your time to get you hooked. It annoys me, so I'm not a fan of that. Ultimately there is no solution, there is only yourself, and your behaviour with the tools you have and the funny thing is that a lot of the stuff is designed to make life simpler and give you more time, but it actually does the opposite, it makes it complicated," claimed the 33-year old who is widely expected to make a move to the Aston Martin team in 2021.

Apple To Open Third Store In Singapore At Marina Bay Sands 'Soon', by Lester Wong, Straits Times

Apple is set to open its third store in Singapore, even as the retail and tourism sectors continue to be buffeted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Police Want Your Smart Speaker—Here's Why, by Sidney Fussell, Wired

Police increasingly rely on wearables and smart devices to verify the claims people make during an investigation. Sometimes, the tools can reveal a lie.

Apple Relationship

Apple Apologizes For Botched WordPress Rejection, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

What does it say about Apple’s reputation in this area that so many of us jumped to the conclusion that Apple was just shaking down another developer in order to make more money?

Jason Fried On TWiST About Hey Vs. Apple, by Manton Reece

Apple’s total control over iPhone app distribution and payment is preventing developers from doing their best work.

Cure Your Breaches

Apple Is Holding The Unreal Engine Hostage, Epic Says In New Motion, by Kim Lyons, The Verge

Epic says removing support would be unnecessarily punitive, affecting developers who have built on Epic’s engine but have no direct interest in the case. “The breadth of Apple’s retaliation is itself an unlawful effort to maintain its monopoly and chill any action by others who might dare oppose Apple,” the motion reads.

Microsoft Supports Epic Games' Quest For Temporary Restraining Order Against Apple, Stresses Importance Of Unreal Engine, by Florian Mueller, FOSS Ptents

However, what Mr. Gammill's declaration doesn't explain is why Epic couldn't live and comply with the Apple Developer Agreement it had been gladly and (very) profitably honoring for years. In that case, Epic's Apple Developer Agreement wouldn't be terminated, and the further development of the Unreal Engine wouldn't be affected by the ongoing litigation.


Apple Korea, Under Antitrust Probe, Proposes $84 Million To Support Small Businesses, by Hyunjoo Jin, Reuters

Out of the 100 billion won, Apple pledged to offer 40 billion won to build a centre to support research and development for Korea's small manufacturers and 25 billion won to establish an "academy" to provide education to developers. Another 25 billion won will be used to give consumer discounts on warranty repair costs and other benefits.

The regulator will close the case without concluding whether Apple did anything illegal if it finds the proposed remedies reasonable after collecting public opinion.

Bottom of the Page

Before these strange times, I did enjoy walking in the Marina Bay Sands mall, where the new Singapore Apple store is going to located. Note that I wrote walking, not buying. The prices in the majority of shops there are way beyond my pay-grade.

There is an ArtScience musuem attached to the mall, which did have wonderful exhibits from time to time. I've had quite some enjoyable visits with my daughter.

When all these strange times are over, maybe I will pop by for a visit. Currently, for many reasons, I simply don't have the appetite to venture out. Maybe, hopefully, one day, I will get that desire back.


Thanks for reading.