The Pro-Privacy Edition Thursday, August 27, 2020

Apple Wants To Stop Advertisers From Following You Around The Web. Facebook Has Other Ideas., by Peter Kafka, Vox

Both companies are going to be fine no matter how this shakes out. And this is a fight about advertising technology, and even people who work in advertising technology for a living are bored by advertising technology. But watch this space: The way this brawl affects internet ads and the stuff that runs alongside them — the stuff you want to see — is worth watching.

Apple’s Move To Make Advertising Harder On iOS 14 Is Part Of A Trend, by Casey Newton, The Verge

Start with a rather academic question that may make your eyes glaze over in spite of yourself: When does pro-privacy regulation overstep its bounds to become anticompetitive? It’s a question I found myself asking last year, when Apple canceled Facebook’s enterprise certificate temporarily following revelations that the company had been using those certificates to conduct market research. And it’s a question I’m thinking about today, as Apple intervenes to unilaterally reshape a market — in ways that once again put Facebook on the defensive.


Apple Music's Kids And Family Section Gets New Playlists And A Fresh Look, by Igor Bonifacic, Engadget

With today's update, the company promises families will find music for any occasion. It also went out of its way to curate songs that both parents and children will enjoy.

GoodNotes Launches iCloud Document Collaboration, by Ryan Christoffel, MacStories

Collaboration means that multiple people work in a document at once making their own annotations and changes, though there will regularly be a delay of 15-30 seconds before changes appear for all users. As such, GoodNotes’ collaboration doesn’t serve as a replacement for more real-time solutions such as collaborative whiteboard apps, but rather it’s better suited for situations where changes are made over an extended period of time.

How To Use Your iPad As A Teleprompter, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

iPad is great as a primary device, but it’s also valuable as a secondary screen for things like an external Mac display or a teleprompter. Below we’ll look at a few ways to use your iPad to do things like read scripts or make good eye contact on video calls while using legitimate teleprompter hardware and a high-quality camera or just get started with a free software-based option like Apple’s Pages app.

You Can Now Use Olympus Cameras As Mac Webcams, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

A new official Mac app means that you can now use Olympus cameras as Mac webcams. Specifically, one of five OM-D models.

Epic Confirms Fortnite’s New Season Won’t Be On iPhone Or Mac, by Nick Statt, The Verge

Epic has confirmed it will not be releasing its upcoming Fortnite season, Chapter 2: Season 4, for iOS or macOS, saying the ongoing antitrust feud with Apple over in-app payment processing and other App Store disputes has blocked it from issuing updates and new installs on Apple devices.

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