The Rather-Baseless Edition Sunday, August 30, 2020

Guardian VPN Developers Successfully Challenge App Store Rules After Apple Threatened Rejection, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Of course, one could argue that Apple’s rejection of Guardian from the start was rather baseless given the inclusion of similar features in other apps on the App Store, and the wording of the cited guideline itself. Nonetheless, it’s notable to see that the Guardian team was able to have success “challenging” an App Store ruling through this new process.

'This Isn't The 1990s': Apple Under Pressure From App Developers, by Alex Hern, The Guardian

The company’s rigid control of the iPhone App Store, long a source of friction for developers large and small, became a battleground over the summer, as Apple began to tighten policies requiring developers to pay the company a cut of commerce on the store.

Next Apple Watch Activity Challenge Scheduled For August 30 To Celebrate National Parks, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple has set its next Apple Watch Activity Challenge for August 30 to “celebrate the natural wonder of national parks.” Apple Watch users can earn the achievement by completing a hike, walk, wheelchair workout, or run of at least 1 mile.

Now Is The Time To Start Keeping A Journal, by Glenn Kramon, New York Times

By writing at these times, you’re at least moving forward, beginning to sort things out. Reading back on what you just wrote, you get a clearer sense for what went wrong and how to improve. And you don’t feel so alone in your loneliest hour.

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If I read the 9to5Mac article correctly, Apple is definitely in the wrong to refuse Guardian VPN from selling a 1-day VPN pass. The developer should not have to go through this whole 'challenge' process to get this reversed.

Apple need to work better with its developers. Be a partner, and not a judge and executor. Not everyone is out to get you, Apple. Stop being paranoid.


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