The Historic-Promise Edition Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Inside Apple's Green Revolution: Can It Make A Carbon Neutral iPhone?, by Robert Leedham, GQ

How well is Apple doing? Answering that question is a bit like deciding whether to hand out a driver’s licence after the theory test: there is so much hard graft left to do. For now, Apple has made a historic promise and shown enough, by the way of results, to convince even the most scrupulous experts that it means to deliver. Still, it does have to deliver. As Tim Cook said in 2019, “The stakes are high and failure is not an option.”

Success for Apple will mean achieving several unprecedented and interconnected feats with very little time to spare. That is the challenge it has set itself, but there are no prizes here for good intentions. Hence environmentalists will continue to push for Apple to move even further away from fossil fuels and towards a closer embrace of the “Right to Repair” philosophy.

Apple Pilots Express Store Concept For Easy Pickup Of Online Orders, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

Customers with existing online orders can simply walk up to the counter and collect their purchase. Genius Bar appointments are served at a second counter. Only one customer per counter is allowed in the store’s entry, and walk-in shopping is not available at this time.

AirPods Firmware Updated With Spatial Audio For Pro Models And Automatic Device Switching For All AirPods, by John Voorhees, MacStories

With spatial audio turned on, which you can do by long-pressing the volume slider in Control Center in the iOS or iPadOS 14 betas, the source of the sound seemed to come directly from my iPad that was sitting on my desk. Next, I switched to watching on my iPhone and moved it as I walked around my office. The entire time the sound seemed to be coming directly from the iPhone.


Apple Watch Approved To Monitor Heartbeats For Japanese Wearers, by Junichi Oshita, Nikkei Asian Review

The Japanese government has approved the Apple Watch installed with its electrocardiogram app as a medical device, heralding an era of advanced wearables that will not just function as fitness trackers but also serve broader medical purposes.

Skip The Library Trip, Borrow Ebooks And More At Home, by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, TidBITS

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of these digital resources from your library, now would be a good time to try, for both convenience and safety. Virtually all US public library systems offer such lending options—the precise mix will vary from system to system. Libraries are able to offer such digital goodies by subscribing to third-party services that license such content for free distribution. Your tax dollars are at work here—you may as well benefit.

VMware Fusion 12 Now Available With macOS Big Sur Support And More, by Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Fusion 12 includes a number of updates and improvements, such as eGPU compatibility, support for container-based applications built with Kubernetes, DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 support, improved security for the sandbox rendering engine, improved accessibility controls, and more.


20 Macs For 2020: #14 – Mac Mini, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

It hasn’t been a priority at Apple in more than a decade, but it has enough dedicated users, and unique use cases, that Apple hasn’t been able to quit it. I hope it never does.

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