The Color-Combinations Edition Sunday, November 8, 2020

Apple Launches 'iPhone 12 Studio' For Mixing And Matching MagSafe Cases And Wallets, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple today launched a new iPhone 12 Studio page, accessible on the web on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. The page allows you to customize iPhone 12 models with various MagSafe cases and wallets to see how the color combinations look.

Review: Lumi Teaches Piano By Turning It Into A Game, by Amber Neely, AppleInsider

We were really impressed with the Lumi system — the Lumi Keys keyboard is beautiful, portable, and approachable, while the app seeks to take out a lot of the stress that can come along with self-learning. While some people may still be served better by traditional, instructor-taught lessons, this will still be excellent for those who like self-directed activities.

How I Changed The Way I Charge My iPhone And Android Smartphones To Reduce Battery Wear, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet

Bottom line, I've switched to using the supplied charger for overnight charging. This is perfectly acceptable for overnight charging. Why fast charge something while it's on charge overnight? All that does is cause more heat and more unnecessary battery wear.

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This iPhone 12 studio seems just a little underwhelming, in my opinion. The iPhone cases and wallets simply does not match the playfulness and whimiscality of the watch bands and the iPhone 5c cases.


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