The Confidence-Boosting Edition Sunday, December 27, 2020

Apple Fitness+ Review: Move Over Peloton, Apple Could Become A Fitness Powerhouse, by Daniel Howley, Yahoo Finance

If you’re trying to get into shape and need the motivation to get started, or just that extra boost of confidence while working out, Apple’s lineup of trainers does that job extremely well.

Is Apple’s New Fitness Platform The Key To A Healthy 2021?, by Lily Worcester, Tatler

There’s a strong sense of inclusivity among the dynamic roster of trainers; for example the instructors ages range from 20 to 60 and all the trainers use sign language where possible, to aid users with hearing difficulties.

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2021 may still contain many of the same stuff as 2020, but, I think it is reasonable to predict that some stuff will be better in the new year.


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