The Bold-Delivery Edition Monday, December 28, 2020

Apple Looks To 2021 With Japanese New Year Ad Highlighting The App Store, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple today shared a new App Store ad on its YouTube channel in Japan ahead of the New Year. The brief 15-second video highlights various apps available on the App Store for productivity, connecting with others, and gaming.

Apple MacBook Air (Apple M1, 2020) Review: The World’s Best Ultraportable, by Jon Honeyball, IT Pro

Apple made bold claims about its move to M1, and has delivered on every single one of them. It has used its world-class engineering to smash through the glass ceiling for performance of the Arm processor family. The M1 stands comparison with the best that the competition can deliver, Core i9 included, and this is only the beginning. Now can you see why the competition is worried?

Covid-19 Propelled Businesses Into The Future. Ready Or Not., by Greg Ip, Wall Street Journal

The Covid-19 pandemic forced Americans to collectively swap the physical for the digital world in a matter of months. As retailers learn to operate without stores, business travelers without airplanes, and workers without offices, much of what started out as a temporary expedient is likely to become permanent.

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My Apple wishlist for 2021:

A new low-cost Apple-Silicon MacBook. Imagine this: iPad and MacBook, iPad Air and MacBook Air, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. There is a certain level of satisfaction with that line up, don't you think? (I can't imagine a MacBook mini though.)

A new iPhone 13 mini. And the iPhone 12 mini becomes the new iPhone SE. With new colors. Maybe even with two options: iPhone SE with FaceID and iPhone SE with TouchID.

A much better and more complete Mac Catalyst.


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