The Half-the-Speed Edition Sunday, January 10, 2021

Don't Let Third Parties Confuse You About Apple's MagSafe, by Mike Peterson, AppleInsider

Many accessory makers have chosen to take a standard Qi charger and add the magnetic components to the edges to connect to the back of iPhone 12 models magnetically. The most significant difference here is that these chargers are often only 5W and 7.5W maximum — half the speed of Apple's MagSafe charger.


These Apps Automute Your Microphone When Typing, by Lawrence Abrams, BleepingComputer

The good news is that software exists that can automatically mute your microphone while typing or suppress background noise so that others are not annoyed by the sound of your keyboard.

7 Hidden Things Most People Didn't Know Their Apple Watch Could Do, by Tyler Lacoma, iDrop News

Apple has a habit of continually packing its watches with lots of upgrades, including new features, watch faces, and more – so it’s no surprise that even dedicated Apple Watch users can get a little overwhelmed when updating or upgrading.

Get More Professional Photos With These Advanced Camera Apps, by Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle

Both iOS and Android devices will let you work with advanced third-party software that provides the kind of control you’d get with a DSLR.


He Created The Web. Now He’s Out To Remake The Digital World., by Steve Lohr, New York Times

“Pods,” personal online data stores, are a key technical ingredient to achieve that goal. The idea is that each person could control his or her own data — websites visited, credit card purchases, workout routines, music streamed — in an individual data safe, typically a sliver of server space.