The Air-Compressors Edition Sunday, January 31, 2021

Putting The Noise Cancellation On Apple’s AirPods Max Through The Wringer, by James Rogers, iPad Insight

With the AirPods Max, I no longer have to worry about sitting and working in a loud environment for a long period of time. I know this level of noise cancellation isn’t absolutely necessary for a long flight or a vacation car ride, but it’s good to know that a set of headphones that costs this much has some versatility beyond the usual places that we like to use it. If the AirPods Max can tame a room full of industrial Air Compressors, they will almost certainly handle anything you throw at them.

Apple Extends Monthly Credit Deposits To Apple TV+ Subscribers Through June, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

Apple TV+ subscribers have begun receiving emails from Apple letting them know that they’ll continue to be credited $4.99 for each month they’ve been charged for the service from February through June 2021.

The Best Apps To Build Better Habits (And Stick To Them), by David Nield, Wired

Don't give up on developing those good habits, because there are plenty of apps to help you meet your goals: From simple to complex, from stand-off to hands-on, there's enough variety here for everyone to find a habit-forming app that suits them.

iPhone 12 Disrupts Calgary Man's Medical Implant, Apple Issues Warning, by Stephanie Thomas, CTV News Calgary

Harckham says he is pleased that Apple has updated their website with specific information, but he would like to see the tech-giant take it even further.

“I would like to see Apple issue a warning at point-of-sale asking you know if anyone in your family or the potential owner has a medical device and if so this device may not be for you," he said.

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I spent quite a few minutes yesterday wondering if I should continue to use an internet radio app that I quite enjoyed, execpt that it didn't have any sleep timer built-in, before I realize iOS has a global sleep timer.

Also, note to future me: try not to make any purchase decision during the midnight hours when I am sleepy but couldn't fall asleep.


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