The No-Longer-Essential Edition Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Role Of Bootable Duplicates In A Modern Backup Strategy, by Adam Engst, TidBITS

All this is to suggest that the bootable part of a bootable duplicate is no longer as essential for many people as it was when we first started recommending that a comprehensive backup strategy should include one. Since then, it has become far more common for people to have multiple devices on which they could accomplish their work, and much more of that work takes place in the cloud or on a remote server.

Apple Files An Update To Their 'Final Cut Pro' Trademark Opening The Door For 'Software As A Service' (SaaS) Via Cloud Subscription, by Jack Purcher, Patently Apple

On Monday Apple filed an update to their trademark 'Final Cut Pro' in Europe adding Nice Classification #42 that hints that Apple could decide to go the way of Microsoft's subscription model for Final Cut Pro by adding in that class verbiage covering "rental of software."

Ambitious Goal Yet

Tim Cook Shares Details On Acquisitions, Future Of Mac And More At Shareholders Meeting, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

On the topic of the environment, Cook said that Apple is on track to meet its “most ambitious goal yet,” which is to be carbon neutral across its entire supply chain by 2030. Meeting this goal is a companywide effort and that Apple’s innovations and breakthroughs are setting it apart.

Apple Bought Another Company Every 3 To 4 Weeks For Last 6 Years, Tim Cook Says, by Tom McKay, Gizmodo

Acquisition sprees by massive firms like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have come under scrutiny from antitrust regulators [...] however, Apple tends to buy smaller companies that fall well below the threshold for regulators to step in. Most allegations of anticompetitive behavior by Apple have focused on the different (if not entirely unrelated) issue of its monopoly stranglehold on iOS and the App Store.

Bug Reports

M1 Mac Users Report Alarming Hard Drive Health Readings, by Stephen Warwick, iMore

There are numerous reports from M1 Mac users that macOS is giving out worrying hard drive health reports which could indicate severe life span problems.

Apple Photos Bug Prevents Precise Latitude And Longitude Geotagging Of Images, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

When you try to manually edit an image via Apple Photos and set the location as a specific latitude and longitude, the location will automatically jump to the reverse-geocoded location.


Apple Watch Users Can Workout To Unlock A Virtual Trophy On International Women’s Day, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

The challenge to unlock the virtual trophy consists of completing a workout of at least 20 minutes or more on International Women’s Day in March.

Billie Eilish To Perform Live Ahead Apple TV's Film Launch, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

This event will include an exclusive performance and conversation with the artist, a discussion with director R.J. Cutler, and other surprises, says Apple.

Quill Launches As A Team Messaging Antithesis To Slack, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

An all-new team messaging service is out today called Quill, and it’s positioned as as being “for people that focus” with “conversations designed for people, not bots.” The new team messenger features a thoughtful design with advanced features like “structured” and “social channels,” retroactive threads, passive/priority mentions, nested channels, and much more.

Anker Releases MagSafe-Compatible Battery Pack For iPhone 12 Lineup, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

While the battery pack is compatible with the MagSafe system, it is not an official accessory, so charging is limited to 5W.

Google Updates Gmail For iOS With Widgets And Privacy 'Nutrition' Label, by Mikey Campbell, AppleInsider

It has been nearly three months since Google last updated its email app, arguably one of its most important titles on iOS. The delay was thought to be in response to a recently adopted App Store feature that requires developers to provide insight into how their apps leverage user data.


Apple Offers Developers Clarification On Some App Privacy Data Reporting Requirements, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple says that rules surrounding data types like email, text messages, and gameplay content have been expanded to make it easier for developers to understand and comply with requirements.

Developers Can Now Access App Clips Analytics Data In App Store Connect, by AppleInsider

With App Clips analytics, developers can view number of installations, sessions, crashes and important information regarding how users found and installed the bite-sized app snippets, Apple said in a post to its developer portal.


'Sign In With Apple' Target Of Justice Department Antitrust Probe, by Mike Peterson, AppleInsider

Specifically, antitrust investigators are looking into whether the "Sign in With Apple" button and other App Store policies "make it difficult for users to switch to a rival device maker," The Information reported Tuesday.

Microsoft Now Offers A Unified Office App For iPad, by Nick Heer

This unified Office app has many of the same problems as, for example, Electron apps and web apps generally. Each document consumes the entire app. You can use the app in split screen, as Apple now requires, but it does not fully support multitasking within the app. So it is not possible to, for example, build a PowerPoint presentation based on a Word document outline, or reference one Excel spreadsheet while working in another.

An Ode To Low Expectations, by James Parker, The Atlantic

Through my private cerebral drizzle—the continuous, joy-canceling brain-rain that was my mental reality at the time—I noted it: energy, life, jiggling molecules, the world. A message from the fire of generosity at the heart of the universe. And the message was this: One day, you’ll be able to simply appreciate what’s in front of you. The tea, the café, London, the little lens of warmth on the table. One day, this will be enough.

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