The Step-by-Step Edition Tuesday, March 2, 2021

New Zealand Students Prototype Their Own Samoan Language App With iPad, by Apple

The Digi Navigators created their app prototype in Keynote, the powerful presentation tool that comes included with most Apple devices, because it allowed them to combine text, drawings, audio recordings, animations, and hyperlinks in one place — all essential elements of their dream app.

Togiaso used the App Design Journal from the Everyone Can Code curriculum, available as a free download from Apple, to help guide the group through the app development process. “It’s super helpful,” Togiaso says. “I share the Journal with anyone that asks how we created our app, because it provides such an easy, step-by-step process to follow.”

Every US Apple Store Is Open For The First Time Since March 2020, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

While some Apple Stores offer in-store shopping appointments and others can accept Express pickup of online orders only, all 270 US locations are now open in some capacity as of March 1, 2021. Apple Stores in Texas around Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio were the last to reopen today.

3 Reasons The Breathe App Is That 1-minute Timeout You Need, by Lauren Barack, Gearbrain

You can't escape the idea of mindful minutes if you spend even part of your daily life online. The concept is to pull yourself out of your head, out of the stress or angst many of us spend thinking of the past or even the future. The goal here is to focus on the immediate, and in meditation one tool is just to focus on the breath.

'WidgetPod' Is A New iOS App That Brings Now Playing Widgets For Apple Music And Spotify, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

One of my main complaints against the official Music widget is that it only shows the recently played songs.

WidgetPod is a new app that comes to solve exactly that with a Now Playing widget that works for both Apple Music and Spotify.

Apple And Google Lobbyists Are Swarming Arizona Over App Store Bill, by Emily Birnbaum, Protocol

Arizona State Rep. Regina Cobb hadn't even formally introduced her app store legislation last month when Apple and Google started storming into the state to lobby against it.

Apple tapped its own lobbyist, Rod Diridon, to begin lobbying in Arizona. It hired Kirk Adams, the former chief of staff to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, to negotiate with Cobb on its behalf. It quickly joined the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, which began lobbying against the bill. And lawyers for both Google and Apple went straight to the Arizona House's lawyers to argue that the bill is unconstitutional.

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