The Focus-on-Mini Edition Saturday, March 13, 2021

Apple Discontinues Original HomePod, Will Focus On Mini, by Matthew Panzarino, TechCrunch

After 4 years on the market, Apple has discontinued its original HomePod. It says that it will continue to produce and focus on the HomePod mini, introduced last year. The larger HomePod offered a beefier sound space but the mini has been very well received and clearly accomplishes many of the duties that the larger version was tasked with. The sound is super solid (especially for the size) and it offers access to Siri, Apple’s assistant feature.

I Was Right That Apple Was Wrong, by M.G. Siegler, 500ish

Apple brought a Sonos to an Alexa fight.

On Interface

Throwing Shade On Gray, by Dr. Drang, And Now It's All This

Among Mac users, “grayed out” is a synonym for “disabled” and has been for ages. Now, because looking cool is taking precedence over clear communication, we have menu items that tell us the command is available but the keyboard shortcut isn’t.


Apple Touts iPhone 12 Durability In 'Cook' Ad, by Mikey Campbell, AppleInsider

Apple on Friday shared a new iPhone 12 ad to its official YouTube channel, touting the durability of the flagship handset as it weathers an onslaught of eggs, vegetables, flour and more in a frantic cooking session.

Experience With Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Pro As A Software Developer, by Kaushal Subedi

Apple has really shown the world that there is a better way to go about computing in general by not being afraid to dive down to the fundamentals of processor design and change things that most of us thought were set in stone. This ground up approach to innovation has pushed Apple ahead of the pack in multiple product areas, and this new MacBook is just another example of that.

New AirPods Max Firmware Update Fixes Battery Drain Issues When In Smart Case, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

While Apple does not provide any sort of release notes for new AirPods firmware updates, it appears that this update resolves an issue that caused the over-ear headphones to lose battery life quickly when in the Smart Case.


Q&A: Adobe Explains The Transition To Apple Silicon, by Jonny Evans, Computerworld

I caught up with the company to find out more about the experience of recompiling Photoshop for Apple Silicon — and while Adobe was at first a little intimidated by the scope of the project, it is full of praise for the developer tools Apple has created to ease this process. Mark Dahm, principal product manager at Photoshop, explained how the transition unfolded.

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I wish Apple will hurry up and start selling HomePods mini here in Singapore. But I'm definitely not holding my breath. Even though we can get Apple TVs here, there's still no Siri on it.


Is iPod Touch next on the Great Apple Spring Cleaning of 2021?


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