The Redesign-the-Box Edition Friday, March 26, 2021

Australian Primary School Drives Innovation And Creativity With iPad, by Apple

With a community of students representing 50 different cultures, of which 73 percent are from non-English-speaking backgrounds and three-quarters speak English as a second language, St Therese Catholic Primary School turned to iPad to help them flourish against all odds.

“All of our students have the right and the capacity to learn, no matter what challenges they may be facing,” says Michelle McKinnon, principal of St Therese Catholic Primary School in Sadleir Miller. “iPad doesn’t just allow our students to think outside of the box — they can redesign the box on their own terms. It gives our students the freedom to explore and express their ideas in the way that makes the best sense to them. That could be in writing, as an audio report, via a video presentation, or even an animation that they create themselves.”

Apple-backed Stanford Study Suggests iPhone, Apple Watch Could Remotely Monitor Heart Patients' Frailty, by Dave Muoio, HIMSS

iPhones and Apple Watches could enable at-home assessment of cardiovascular disease patients' frailty via sensor data and an app-guided version of the six-minute walk test (6MWT), a traditionally clinic-based assessment of a person's functional capacity, according to data published yesterday in PLoS One.

Coming Soon?

Apple Considers Launching Rugged Watch For Extreme Sports, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Apple Inc. is considering launching an Apple Watch with a rugged casing aimed at athletes, hikers and others who use the device in more extreme environments, according to people familiar with the matter.


Broadcasts Streaming Radio App Gains Big Sur Design, M1 Support, AirPlay Picker, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Broadcasts from Steve Troughton-Smith has received a sharp update that brings a macOS Big Sur redesign, support for M1 Macs, a sleep timer, AirPlay picker, and more to the universal streaming radio app.

Spotify's Mac Update Matches Look And Feel Of iOS App, by Will Shanklin, AppleInsider

Spotify's cleaner design aims to simplify the user experience and remove inconsistencies between its mobile, web, and desktop versions.


Health-Care Provider Apps Are Private, But Fitness Apps? Not So Much, by Lucia Savage, Bloomberg Law

In essence, when health data is collected by businesses that are not subject to the same privacy laws as doctors’ offices, it lacks baseline protections against that data being sold or used by other businesses for marketing and advertising. HIPAA, when it applies, prohibits the sale of personally identifiable data, and prohibits the use of data for advertising.

Anyone With An iPhone Can Now Make Deepfakes. We Aren’t Ready For What Happens Next., by Geoffrey A. Fowler, Washington Post

I’ve made George Washington sing disco and Marilyn Monroe blow me a kiss. With just a photo and an iPhone app, I can create a video of any face saying, or singing, whatever I want.

And now so can you. The technology to create “deepfakes” — videos of people doing things that never really happened — has arrived on smartphones. It’s simple, fun … and also troubling.

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