The As-Soon-As-Possible Edition Saturday, March 27, 2021

Apple Addresses WebKit Security Flaw With iOS And iPadOS 14.4.2, by Samuel Axon, Ars Technica

Today, Apple began rolling out iOS 14.4.2, iPadOS 14.4.2, and watchOS 7.3.3, and the company issued an advisory to users to upgrade as soon as possible. Like iOS/iPadOS 14.4.1 before it, this update addresses a security flaw.

The Magic Of Mac OS X, 20 Years Later, by John Biggs, Gizmodo

Be it performance, power, or design, something of that Jobs magic still lingers in this 20-year-old code. One day we’ll figure out what it was and how to bottle it. Until then, we’ll just tap a single button on a stark and elegant machine and enter a world of computing dreamed up in the shadow of failure.

Report: App Store Includes Apps From Blacklisted Chinese Group Tied To Uyghur Genocide, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

A new report from The Information this morning highlights that Apple is hosting a number of apps on the App Store made by a Chinese paramilitary group that’s been blacklisted by the US government. Apple says that it’s complying with US law but the news comes as the company is facing more pressure to cut any possible ties to abuse and genocide against the Uyghur Muslim people in the Xinjiang region.

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Also, Apple's new stuff are fun. Even when Apple was doomed. Compare, for example, OpenDoc and Cyberdog with OLE and Embedding Excel spreadsheets in Powerpoint presentations.


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