The Classics-and-Greats Edition Friday, April 2, 2021

Apple Arcade Just Got A Huge Update Of New Games, Including Some Mobile Classics, by Andrew Webster, The Verge

Apple is adding a number of high-profile mobile hits to the service, including Threes, Monument Valley, Mini Metro, and a remaster of Cut the Rope. Timeless classics, meanwhile, refers to iconic games like backgammon, solitaire, and Zach Gage’s recent takes on chess and sudoku. While most Arcade games are playable across Apple TV, Mac, and iOS, these new categories will only work on iPhone and iPad. The update adds more than 30 titles to the service, bringing the entire library to more than 180.

All 20 Apple Stores In France To Close Again Under Third Lockdown< by Sami Fathi, MacRumors

Apple says that the closures will be temporary and offers no date for when customers can expect them to reopen. Stores that were open previously, such as Apple Champs-Élysées and Apple Opéra, will remain open until Saturday, April 3, for customers to pick up current online orders or attend a Genius Bar appointment that was scheduled before April 3.

Apple Rejecting Apps With Fingerprinting Enabled As iOS 14 Privacy Enforcement Starts, by John Koetsier, Forbes

Device fingerprinting, sometimes called probabilistic attribution, uses a large amount of data about a device to identify it. A measurement company might, for instance, collect data on software version, time since last system update, time since last restart, location, time zone, and more: even things like battery status, charging level, and amount of disk space.

Put it all together and you have something fairly unique — estimates on degree of uniqueness vary — that you can use to track who clicked an ad, who installed an app, and potentially more. You could also use this data to potentially build a device graph which includes insights and history on every device your software interacts with.


Major Keynote 11 Update Makes It Better For Online Meetings, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

With Play Slideshow in Window, Keynote automatically opens up what it calls a “presenter display” in a second floating window. You can share the presentation window in Teams, Zoom, and other videoconferencing software while viewing your presentation notes, the next and subsequent slide, a timer, and additional navigation tools in the presenter display.

Apple Support App Updated With Reservation Reminders And More Coverage Details, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

The latest version brings more information for your device coverage details and also allows you to get reminders about upcoming reservations.

ExpanDrive Strongsync Adds Support For Dropbox And OneDrive, by Oliver Haslam, iMore

Strongsync is an app that acts as a macOS 11 File Provider to make it easier to access files stored on cloud services like the aforementioned Dropbox and OneDrive. Because files are accessed and downloaded as and when they are needed, users don't lose tons of SSD space to files that they don't need right there and then.


Apple Job Listing Points To Continued Focus On Heart Health, by Mike Peterson, AppleInsider

Apple is seeking an experienced cardiologist to join its health technology team, with the new hire likely to help the tech giant clear regulatory hurdles associated with bringing consumer medical devices to market.

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Fast forward to today, I have now too much to listen, and too little time to listen them all.


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