The Packed-with-Tech Edition Sunday, April 4, 2021

Apple AirPods Max Review, by Sherri L. Smith, Laptop Magazine

They look good, but more importantly, they sound good. And they’ve got some formidable active noise cancelling to boot. The Apple AirPods Max might have done the impossible here –– found a way to make mainstream music lovers pay high-end prices for audio. The headphones are stylish, comfortable and packed with tech. Not only do you get great audio quality, you have Adaptive EQ to ensure you’re always getting the optimal audio experience. And you have Spatial Audio for more immersive listening.

5 Fab To-do List Apps For Anyone Who Loves To Check Things Off, by Amy-Mae Turner, Mashable

We're gathered an assortment of free to-do list apps that each offer something a little different, from location-based reminders to the ability to collaborate with others, along with integration into your calendar for date-based to-dos. Take a look through our list to find the perfect app to suit your productivity needs.

HyperJuice Magnetic Battery Pack Fills A Need For iPhone 12 Users, by Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

Hyper got a lot right with its HyperJuice battery in particular. The dual output is a nice touch that has already come in handy for us during testing. The back LEDs are very easy to see to keep an eye on the remaining charge.

Apple AirPods 3 — How The HomePod’s Fall Could Help The New Earbuds Rise, by James Archer, Tom's Guide

The AirPods 3 doesn’t need the same emphasis on smart functionality that the HomePod did, even if a growing number of people use their headphone microphones to give smart home commands to a paired phone. The bigger lesson is not to let competitors get ahead on features.

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I wish Apple can find a way to put real buttons on AirPods.

No, I can't think of a (good) way to put real buttons on AirPods. However, I think Apple is smarter -- way smarter -- than me.

(The 'buttons' on the AirPods Pro are good too. Pretty real to me.)


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