The Democratizing-Photography Edition Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Long-Term Review Of The iPhone 12 Camera, by Sebastiaan de With, PetaPixel

It’s a true tool for photographers while democratizing photography for a vast population with technologies that make challenging conditions easier to shoot in. It processes your images more, takes better photos for every user, and even offers substantial options for the pros — without sacrificing authenticity.

It’s a photographer’s phone. And it’s a great camera.

Apple's Quiet War On Independent Repairmen, by Napoleon Linarthatos, The American Conservative

In the past, a Goliath’s strength would be gauged in height measured in cubits, the brass of the helmet, the coat of mail with a weight in thousands of shekels in bronze and a spear’s head weighed in hundreds of shekels of iron. Nowadays, a Goliath corporation can just hire another Goliath, such as the law firm Kilpatrick Townsend, with its 650 lawyers and 19 offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. The firm boasts that “5 of the 10 world’s most valuable brands turn to Kilpatrick Townsend to grow and defend the value of their products and businesses.” One of those “5 of the 10 world’s most valuable brands” was interested in a video made by YouTuber Louis Rossmann.


The Healing Power Of Javascript, by Craig Mod, Wired

For some of us—isolates, happy in the dark—code is therapy, an escape and a path to hope in a troubled world.

Don’t Take Your Head Out Of The Clouds!, by Rebecca Renner, New York Times

This idea was revolutionary when Dr. Singer proposed it 70 years ago. A few psychologists continued his research in positive daydreaming, but most viewed it as a harmful distraction from typical thought patterns. Even the Harvard app study found daydreamers were less happy.

So most psychologists have used daydreaming over the years as a barometer for a patient’s mental state rather than as a productive tool to change it. Now, a growing body of research and evidence from clinical therapy suggest we can use purposeful, playful daydreaming to improve our overall well-being.


Apple Begins Hiring For First Retail Store In The Bronx, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

The newly-announced location will be the first Apple Store in The Bronx, bridging the gap between Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Yonkers, New York, where Apple operates a store at Ridge Hill Mall.

Be Wary When Big Tech Says It’s Defending Your Privacy, by Gabriel Nicholas, Boston Globe

App developers who want to know how their ads are doing will need to switch to a new advertising technology run by Apple, one that is more privacy-friendly but less targeted than Facebook’s version. In this way, Apple is hoping to reclaim its spot as kingpin of the app economy, as people discover new apps not through Facebook but through the App Store, Siri, and potentially the search engine Apple is rumored to be developing.

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I've had to reboot both my iPhone and my Mac today.

Firstly, on my iPhone: the shortcuts in the shortcut widget in the Today's view started not working, and the only way I know how to 'fix' it is by rebooting the phone.

Then, apps started to crash left-right-and-center on my Mac. And I did the first thing that came to my mind: reboot!

Except for one of the app on my Mac that lost all of its preferences, things are working fine now. (Touch wood.)


I am having fun playing around with Swift and SwiftUI and MediaPlayer. Turns out programming does make me calm.

Except when I have no idea why SwiftUI is not working as I intended. :-)


Thanks for reading.