The Investing-in-Forest Edition Thursday, April 15, 2021

Apple Creates Fund For 'Working Forests' As Part Of Carbon-removal Efforts, by Stephen Nellis, Reuters

Apple Inc has created a $200 million fund to invest in timber-producing forest properties that will be managed to help remove carbon from the atmosphere while also generating a profit, it said on Thursday.


The fund will aim to generate a profit by investing in forest properties that will be managed to both produce commercial timber and boost carbon removal, with the goal of removing about 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Discord Blocks iOS Users From NSFW Servers, Blames Apple, by Jack Morse, Mashable

The group chat service quietly announced Tuesday that, going forward, it will block iOS users — including those 18 and older — from accessing NSFW servers on the iOS Discord app. [...] According to a Discord spokesperson, the new policy, which will go into effect over the next several days, is an effort to "to comply with Apple's policies[.]"

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iOS 14.5: Apple Podcasts Now Automatically Detects A Show's Release Schedule, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

iOS 14.5 is bringing a variety of changes and enhancements to the Podcasts app on iPhone and iPad. With a recent server side change, the new Podcasts app displays the release schedule for a particular podcast on the show details page.


OmniPlan 4 Offers Powerful Project Management For Mac, iPhone, iPad, by Jonny Evans, Computerworld

OmniPlan 4 is smart. What drives the app is the notion that beginning use should be relatively approachable, while more powerful tools and the capacity to zoom in for additional insights into project progress should also be available.

'Ian's Awesome Counter' For Apple Watch Aims To Help You Be More Focused And Aware, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

David Smith, the prolific developer behind apps like Watchsmith and Widgetsmith, is out with a new Apple Watch app today. “Ian’s Awesome Counter” is a new application for Apple Watch that Smith says is “designed to help you be more focused and aware of yourself.”

You Can Now Run Windows 10 On Arm On Apple’s M1 Macs, by Tom Warren, The Verge

Parallels is releasing an update to its Desktop virtual machine software that allows M1 Mac owners to install Windows 10 on Arm.


How A WhatsApp Status Loophole Is Aiding Cyberstalkers, by Louisa Stockley, Traced

First, the bad news: There is no setting within WhatsApp that can prevent this kind of monitoring, no way to tell if somebody is using it to watch when you go online, and no software that can detect it.

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I regularly use three-and-a-half computer platforms, for work, for leisure, and for play. And when you count up all the apps that I use regularly, well, you end up with a number that is not small.

None of these apps are perfect. They all seems to be able to find ways to annoy me occasionally.

But there is one app that frequently frustruates me -- on all three-and-a-half platforms: Microsoft Teams.

Yes, Microsoft even managed to create an app on its very own Windows platform that doesn't behave like a Windows or Office app.

So bad.


The three-and-a-half platforms: macOS, Windows, iOS, and... well, iPadOS. Which I use only to read e-books, watch TV, and sign my signature in PDF documents.


Thanks for reading.