The Cop-Out Edition Sunday, April 25, 2021

Apple’s Best Path For The iPad Is To Keep iPadOS And macOS Separate, by James Rogers, iPad Insight

While I’m sure this seems like a reasonable solution to the problem of power features and software availability to many, it’s really more of an over-simplified cop-out to avoid dealing with the more complex problems of developing and evolving an OS without the burden of legacy support. A move like this would turn the iPad Pro into an Apple Surface Pro- a device that serves a vocal niche of Mac users that runs an OS that isn’t designed to take full advantage of the hardware’s polish and features.

Why I Don’t Want Xcode On The iPad — macOS And iPadOS, by Joseph Heck

My reasoning stems from the different underlying constraints of iPadOS vs. macOS – some physical, some philosophical. I don’t want to these constraints to go away. I value each in their own context. And I hope that these various different operating systems aren’t ever fully merged, exclusively choosing one set of constraints over the other.


Hermes Sells $699 AirTag Travel Tag And $570 iPhone 12 MagSafe Case As Own Store Exclusives, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

The luxury leather brand Hermes has introduced a fourth option in its AirTag accessory range, one that is only available from the company's own store, along with a new leather iPhone 12 case.

Final Thoughts After Migrating From Apple Music To Spotify, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

Apple Music feels more personal while Spotify seems like “Here’s what everybody is listening to, you should try it too.”

New Third Party Keyboard Cases With Trackpads Are Showing Up For The iPad Pro, by James Rogers, iPad Insight

Options are a good thing, so seeing two new keyboard cases from established accessory makers is great news. Hopefully others will follow in time, but if nothing else, Pro owners will have quality alternatives beyond just the Magic Keyboard when the new iPad Pro hits store shelves.


Axis Of REvil: Inside The Hacker Collective Taunting Apple, by Eamon Javers, CNBC

The extortion attempt, which came early this week, represented a significant escalation for a well-known hacker collective. And experts tell CNBC it may presage a new era of emboldened ransomware attackers who are protected by Russian leader Vladimir Putin and empowered to take on the biggest companies in the world.

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Apple has given us its vision of a top-of-the-line iPad, and it is likely to get even more powerful come WWDC when the new iPadOS is revealed.

Now, Apple, please also remember to give us a Mac computer that is the lightest and thinnest and most-portable ever, and yet retain all the Mac-ness of a Mac. (And, no, you've got to do much better than the butterfly keyboard.)


On the third day after my first dose of Moderna vacinne, my arm is no longer sore. Hurray!


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