The App-Auditing Edition Monday, May 3, 2021

Apple Doesn’t Want ATT Enforcement To Be A ‘Cat-And-Mouse Game’ – But That’s Exactly What It’s Going To Be, by Allison Schiff, AdExchanger

But as Edwards pointed out to me, enforcement doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective. “Apple maybe can’t stop everything,” he said, “but they can certainly see noncompliance” through auditing apps and different SDK attribution packages.

Oh, and the Federal Trade Commission is just a call away.

Durham Mom Builds App To Help Kids On Autism Spectrum Thrive, by Sarah Lindenfeld Hall,

As her older son who is on the autism spectrum made the transition into preschool, Tracey Hawkins knew she'd need something more to help him adapt. That something more turned into an app that Hawkins has designed to help children on the spectrum minimize triggers and identify and be more aware of their emotions.

The app is THRIVE and works on Apple Watches. Its first phase of development should be complete by the end of July. Once the first phase is ready, she'll begin beta testing it with a targeted app store launch in the fall, so it's available to everybody.


I’m A Board Member At A Fortune 500 Company. Why Do I Feel Like An Impostor?, by David Epstein, Slate

The good news is I know what it is when it’s happening and I’m now able to slap myself out of itl. It’s like wake up, Shellye, come on.

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I've always wanted to strike a balance between not buying a new phone until I need to, and buying a new phone before the current phone dies out. I don't think this is an easy target to hit.

So, given that we are halfway between the launch of iPhone 12 and 13, I've decided to pull the trigger and replace my battery-need-servicing iPhone X.

I hope the new iPhone that is coming tomorrow will also last at least three and a half years in my pocket.


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