The Create-Apps Edition Sunday, May 9, 2021

Epic/Apple Case Reveals Hollow tvOS And watchOS App Stores, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

These numbers mean at least two things: the iPhone is Apple’s biggest hit and developers are not willing to create apps for tvOS and watchOS.


I Lost My AirTag And It Was Found Within 30 Minutes - But Tile Took A Whole Day, by Carrie Skinner, TechRadar

It’s pretty clear to see that, if you are out of range of your keyfinder, you’re likely to be reunited quicker with an AirTag than a Tile tracker, but that’s because of the size of the communities in the area we tested it in.

These Beautiful iPhone Chargers Are The Perfect Pair, by Tyler Hayes, Newsweek

Is it ever a requirement that accessories for our mobile devices be fancy or elegant? Functionality and safety are more important considerations. Being able to charge our phones and iPads quickly is a big win. Doing so without causing a fire is also key. Like a few other companies, however, Nomad has gone above and beyond with its products to not only deliver on the basics but also to produce ones that are beautiful centerpieces, as well.


Apple Shortcuts Is Great, But It Needs A Notification Toggle, by Chaim Gartenberg, The Verge

But the thing is, the power of Shortcuts is to automate things in the background that I don’t want to have to deal with [...] A big glaring notification every time I do something detracts from that idea.

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