The Too-Many-Tabs Edition Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Best Mac Site-Specific Browser For Google Docs, by Adam Engst, TidBITS

Of course, Google Docs is a Web app, and by default, it would nestle in among all the other tabs in a Web browser. That’s unacceptable for me since I often have multiple documents open along with way too many tabs for pages that I need to read, refer back to, or act on. (“Hi, my name is Adam, and I’m a tabaholic.”) As a result, I’ve always run Google Docs in a site-specific browser (SSB)—a utility that lets you turn a particular site or set of sites into a standalone app that has its own identity in the Dock, the App Switcher, and so on.

Connection Was A Swipe Away For These Seniors Lonely In Lockdowns, by Victoria Ellis, The Border Mail

The Social Support iPad isolation project changed the lives of Walla's Bob and Netty Vangelder.

The program, now drawing to a close, gave isolated seniors an iPad and taught them how to use it for 12 months, with the aim of keeping them connected to family, friends and the outside world during the pandemic.

Bitwarden Review: Worth Paying For, by K.G. Orphanides, IT Pro

Although its admin interface isn’t the most polished around, Bitwarden’s excellent feature set and well-designed range of cross-platform clients, as well as its low prices, make it our favourite business password management service.

Letter Rooms Is A Canstfiat Jumbled Word Game For iOS, by Luke Dormehl, Cult of Mac

The new $1.99 anagram-based game boasts more than 200 puzzles, broken down into a dozen topics — including animals, sports, pop culture, and more. What better way to dust off your mind after lockdown?

Why PCs Are Turning Into Giant Phones, by Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal

Apple is dragging Microsoft, Google and the entire PC industry into the 21st century.

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I am a two-browsers kind of person: I use Safari for personal stuff, and Firefox for work.

That is, until one fine day, Microsoft decided to update Sharepoint on the web, and somehow, Sharepoint stopped working in Firefox.

So, now I am a three-browsers kind of person: Safari for personal stuff, Edge for Office 365 on the web, and Firefox for rest of the work.

I have no idea what should the fourth browser be if it ever come down to that.


Apple has been dragging the entire PC industry forward since the 1980s. Well, except for one brief period back in the 90s when Apple has gone really different and was pushing Cyberdog and Pippin.


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