The Day-In-and-Day-Out Edition Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Marathon Robots And ‘Obsessive’ Engineering: How Apple Trained The Apple Watch, by James Stables, Wareable

At the beginning the Apple Watch team were involved in tracking and training the Watch to do all manner of activities, from dog walking to running long distances. But Lynch revealed that the company now uses robots, put to work running marathons and other repetitive bio-mechanic activities, to keep feeding the algorithm with new data points.

“Internally we actually have robots that we've constructed that do these activities. We have robots running marathons every day, day in and day out, so that we can make sure that the devices are still acting as they should," he said.

Zoom Nearly Broke My Body. Here’s How To Protect Yours, by Zac Ginsburg, Wired

As the shift to remote work persists, we have the opportunity to make informed decisions to protect our health. Even something as small as getting an external keyboard for your laptop can have a surprising effect on your well-being.


iCloud Calendar Spam Continues To Impact Users, Despite Apple’s Multiple Fixes, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

iCloud Calendar spam has been a problem for many users since 2016 and earlier, and Apple has made a handful of changes and improvements to remedy the situation. Despite Apple’s best efforts, however, the problem continues to affect iCloud users, and it’s once again receiving widespread attention.

Photo Editing And Management App Darkroom Adds Extensive Shortcuts Support, by John Voorhees, MacStories

Photo editing and management app Darkroom, which added a new Clarity tool last month, has added substantial new Shortcuts actions to the app that allow users to automate a wide variety of its features for the first time. The update is notable because it allows Darkroom to work hand-in-hand with other apps, something which few photography apps do.


North Omaha Woman Featured By Apple After Medical Transition, by Alex McLoon, KETV

Donning Louis Vuitton in a home she opened for LGBTQ people impacted by incarceration, Dominique Morgan has come a long way since her youth spent in jail.

Last year, she took time to become her true self.

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