The So-Was-I Edition Saturday, June 26, 2021

My Phone Took On A Life Of Its Own — And It Forced Me To Be A Better Person, by Bryan Joiner, Mic

My phone was broken and so was I. My problems had started on either March 13, 2020, because of COVID-19; or June 30, when I lost my job; or maybe eight years prior, when I traded in my desk job at a trade magazine for a work-from-home position at a media behemoth. Without an office, my iPhone had become essential for interpersonal contact; and for nearly a decade, I aggressively kept the device up-to-date to ensure I could always be a functioning member of society. But after a pandemic year, my personal relationships were strained; my eating and drinking habits had taken a turn for the worse; and — not coincidentally — my phone was nearly unusable.

When Your Backups Vanish, by Howard Oakley, Eclectic Light Company

If you put all your eggs in one basket, don’t be surprised when something happens to that basket and you’re left with no eggs. Please reconsider your backup strategy and ensure that your risks are wisely spread.

Goes To Eleven, Too

Windows 11 Won't Be Officially Supported By Any Intel Mac, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Apple has never offered support for the TMP 2.0 standard on Intel Macs, which makes them all incompatible with the newest version of Windows. If you run the tool released by Microsoft to check if your PC has the hardware required to run Windows 11, you’ll get a message saying that “this PC can’t run Windows 11.”

One Thing Microsoft Didn't Discuss: Windows 11 Privacy, by Jez Corden, Windows Central

At the Windows 11 event yesterday, Microsoft had an opportunity to meet some of these concerns, founded or not. Yet, it chose not to. As more and more of us become aware of how our data is being used and abused, Microsoft's marketing department effectively gave Apple another tool to attack Windows.


Chipolo's One Spot Isn't Quite An AirTag, But At Least It Has A Hole, by M. Smith, Engadget

The innocuous feature that sets the One Spot apart from AirTags is that it already has a hole, meaning it can go straight on your keyring without a mandatory accessory purchase.

CASETiFY’s New Personalizable MagSafe Wallet Is Made With Recycled Materials, by Blair Altland, 9to5Toys

Sporting a faux leather build comprised of 50% recycled materials, it arrives with a slim design that can hold two ID or bank cards.


Apple's Car Obsession Is All About Taking Eyes Off The Road, by Reed Stevenson and Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

What’s at stake, essentially, is something even more valuable than profitability: the last unclaimed corner of consumers’ attention during their waking hours.

Apple Seeks Planning Permission Extension For Athenry Data Center, Says Will Begin Work As Soon As Possible, by Dan Swinhoe, Data Center Dynamics

Apple this month submitted an application to Galway County Council for an extension to its planning permission on the site and, says it aims to have built a data center on the site by the end of the extension period.

Bottom of the Page

Today, I decided to try out Microsoft's Visual Studio Code on my Mac and see how good or bad the code editor deals with my PHP files. After going through the settings, trying out the menu items, and figuring out how things work, I was too tired to actually work on my PHP projects.

Oh well. There's always tomorrow. :-)


I'm back on Xcode for the rest of my evening, dealing with Swift and SwiftUI.


Thanks for reading.