The Remove-with-Ease Edition Monday, June 28, 2021

Apple AirTags Battery Warning Updated In Australia, But Local Watchdog Still Not Happy, by Jasmine Gearie, TechRader

The official warning comes after Apple had added more explicit button battery warnings to its packaging in Australia, though the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said it wasn’t enough to address its concerns with the product.

In a statement, the ACCC said it was concerned “about the accessibility and security of the button battery inside the product.” The consumer advocate says young children could access the battery compartment and remove the coin battery with ease.

Smart Phone, Watch Features Increasingly Contribute To Accidental 911 Calls, by Lauren Layton, WHNT

Five taps to an iPhone lock button, or pressing and holding an apple watch side dial combined with a swipe across its face calls emergency services, which in the case of a true emergency, could save a life, but in an accidental situation, it adds to dispatch call volumes.

Pharis stated even if emergency centers suspect an incoming call is accidental, they can’t treat it as such.


Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini Review: Apple's MagSafe, But Not, by Neil Hughes, AppleInsider

Mophie's new battery pack simply offers Qi wireless charging, holding the battery in place on your iPhone 12 with a series of magnets that align with the MagSafe charger. [...] However, if you bring along a USB-C to Lightning cable and recharge that way, it increases the output to 12 watts.

This Startup Is Disrupting The Hearable Market With A Simple Device, by Sandra Guy, Medium

So, when you’re looking directly at someone, their conversation is amplified by up to 15 decibels, while, at the same time, the background noise is reduced, allowing you to hear the speaker more clearly.

As someone else starts to speak and you look toward that speaker, the audio feed follows your head, with a circular graphic on the iPhone’s display pointing in the direction of the person who’s speaking.


Challenging The Myth That Programming Careers End At 40, by David Cassel, The New Stack

The biggest takeaway message may be that nothing can stop a programmer with genuine enthusiasm for their work.


I Switched From Android To iPhone And Found Out What My Friends Really Think, by Mike Sorrentino, CNET

Despite the clear comfort people have for these non-Apple services, in the weeks leading into my device swap several of my friends told me their plans to quit those other services once I moved to iOS.

Document Solutions Vendor Nitro Software Acquires PDFpen Software From US-based Smile Inc, by Nico Arboleda, CRN

PDFpen is a suite of PDF productivity applications for Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad devices, including digital signatures, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), PDF editing and cloud storage.

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