The Sticking-to-Viewpoint Edition Thursday, July 8, 2021

Original HomePods Reportedly 'Bricked' With 14.6 Software Update, by David Snow, Cult of Mac

Recent reports suggest owners of the original HomePod should steer clear of the device’s software version 14.6 and the newer version 15 update for beta users.

New Backblaze App For Mac Increases Threading, New Optimizations, And Reduces Disk Load By 80%, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

Backblaze is introducing version 8.0 of its desktop app that contains many improvements for macOS users who are using the service to backup all of their data.

Nanoleaf Turns On Thread Border Routers For Easier Smart Home Control, by David Ludlow, Trusted Reviews

Thread is a new type of low-power smart home protocol built to control smart home devices, building a reliable mesh network to give better coverage than Wi-Fi.

Nomad Launches Leather Cover For Apple's MagSafe Charger, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

The Leather Cover is meant to slide over a ‌MagSafe‌ Charger, providing a more attractive design for those who use Apple’s charging solution.


Apple Picks Riyadh As Headquarters Of Its Academy In MENA Region, by Saudi Gazette

In its first phase, the academy will be dedicated to programmers and developers, in support of efforts for women empowerment and the ongoing massive social reforms under Vision 2030.


Apple’s Curious Resistance To Creating A Touch Screen Mac, by Tim Bajarin, Forbes

I do know that Apple has had customers clamoring for touch screen MacBooks who have become indoctrinated into touch UI's via iPads. However, curiously Apple shows no signs that a touch screen MacBook is on the horizon and is sticking to their viewpoint that their users just don't need it.

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Apple has insisted so many times that they are not doing touchscreens for macOS, nor are they merging iPadOS and macOS that it seems unlikely Apple will pull an iPod Video out of the pockets in order to a u-turn.

However, I do see Apple's willingness to have iPad compete with MacBooks, to a certain extend. (There's still isn't a macOS device that is priced as cheaply as the lower-cost iPads.) I am not surprised Apple is investigating larger iPads that are probably more suited for the desktop than laptops.


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