The Limited-Lifespan Edition Sunday, July 11, 2021

Apple AirPod Batteries Are Almost Impossible To Replace, Showing The Need For Right-to-repair Reform, by Kif Leswing, CNBC

The limited lifespan of AirPods is exactly the kind of problem that the "right-to-repair" movement wants to fix. Repair shops and lobbyists that support repair reform want lawmakers to implement a variety of rules, including increased access to manuals and official parts and consumer protections around warranties.

After Nearly A Year Of Use, MagSafe Is The Defining Feature Of The iPhone 12, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

I dream of a world where the iPhone is as waterproof as the Apple Watch, and I believe we can get there once the port is gone and MagSafe is the only option.

Could Gen Z Free The World From Email?, by Sophia June, New York Times

Despite the reasonable qualms of older generations, Generation Z — generally defined as people born between 1997 and 2012 — is pioneering the return of chaotic trends like low-rise jeans, pop-punk and Ed Hardy.

But members of Gen Z do seem to agree with their elders on one thing: Email. Ugh.

And, if we’re lucky, maybe they can one day save everyone from overflowing inboxes.

Apple’s Newest Privacy Changes Mean More Rework For The Ad Industry, by Chris Keune, VentureBeat

The global forces moving our industry towards a consent-based model has its positives. In addition to the obvious improvement in company-customer value exchange already discussed, coming moves by Apple may actually help publishers who rely on ad revenue. We know that a sizable portion of ad spend goes to third-party data brokers. If Apple continues to erode the capabilities of these brokers, more money may start to flow back into publishers’ coffers.

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If work has to arrive, I much prefer email over any other form of communications. The most important consideration: I can search through all my emails for past conversations; I can't easily do that with Teams or Zoom.

Oh, what? Someone is supposed to take minutes for that Zoom call? Oh, and I should follow up with that one-on-one Zoom meeting with email to confirm what we've agreed? Argh!


Yes, I wish Apple would sell plain magnets to anyone who wants them, so that we can have all sorts of MagSafe-compatible stuff.


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